A factory-fresh 2018 edition iPad Pro can cost you anywhere between $799 and $1899. These are premium devices, and people who spend that kind of cash on a tablet expect it to come out of the package in mint condition.

When consumers think about Apple words like luxury, exclusive, innovative, and sleek come to mind. That’s why it’s more than a little odd that the company is telling people that it’s perfectly normal for their brand-new iPad Pro to have a slight bend right out of the box.

The bend occurs where the plastic antenna strips and aluminum meet. According to Apple it’s simply the result of the way the two materials cool during the manufacturing process. You know, normal science stuff.

How slight is the bend? It’s not the worst defect you’ve ever seen, but it’s definitely noticeable. Here’s one example that was shared by a Mac Rumors forum user:

Mac Rumors

If this was a tablet that cost far less than an iPad Pro it might not be a big deal.

If this was a lesser-known manufacturer it might not be a big deal. But it’s not. This is Apple.

Apple doesn’t just sell you a tablet, they sell you an experience. Unboxing an Apple product is supposed to be an event — and, generally speaking, it shouldn’t be the kind of event that ends with you making the ‘son I am disappoint’ face as you pull out an imperfect device.

The bend reportedly doesn’t cause any other issues with these slightly imperfect iPads. Apple has also been good about offering to replace affected tablets whether they were bent right out of the box or became bent during the 14-day return window.

What’s not clear, says The Verge’s Chris Welch, is whether or not Apple is willing to swap devices beyond that point.

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Lee Mathews

Computer tech, blogger, husband, father, and avid MSI U100 user.

24 replies on “Your Slightly Bent, Brand New iPad Pro Is Perfectly Fine According To Apple”

  1. you appleheads are so demanding !! what do you expect for 1900 dollars (plus tax, applecare, air buds, case.)i mean what do you expect for 2700 dollars…(every year too !!!

  2. What a joke. Apple needs to get off the “nothing we ever do is wrong” mantra. They’ve pulled this kind of crap a lot lately. They did it when the new Macbooks were overheating. They put a hotter CPU in the Macbook with no extra cooling, and they refused to admit that they screwed up, so they claimed that it was a firmware glitch, and they fixed the firmware by making it throttle the CPU sooner.

  3. Solution: Buy a Surface with a far superior steel-strong magnesium body.

  4. The power the press (or blogs) give companies is always interesting to me. Even the language is nuanced.

    On the linked source: when users complain (en masse) – the author writes: they *claim* (ie, unsubstantiated despite the returns). When Apple responds, the author never questions… so the word “claim” is never associated with Apple. Apple may *state* or *say*. An example of ‘Authority Bias’ (as in “who’s your daddy?”)?

    This repeats throughout the article.

    > several on the MacRumors forums have claimed their iPad Pros developed a small curve

    > Apple also says it has not seen a higher-than-normal return rate for the 2018 iPad Pro so far.

    1. If you’re a big site you need to be careful with words at times.
      Saying things without substantiated evidence could get you into trouble if share prices get affected.

      1. “share prices get affected.”

        Good point!

        And these ungrateful whiners need to think of the CEO’s annual bonus as well.

      2. > Saying things without substantiated evidence

        That’s my point. The users both returned items and provided photographic evidence. Apple even instituted a return policy specific for this case.

        Apple simply makes a statement (without proof of any kind) and it isn’t subjected to any wording that may question it. I don’t believe that this particular scenario warrants the loaded language that was used in favor of a Big Tech Company.

        Apple (or any big tech firm) and the word “claims” is appropriate in these cases – especially when evidence to the contrary (photos, return policy) has surfaced.

    2. Also remember Apple is one little snowflake so sites that talk anything barely negative get their entrance denied forever to their events. So they are careful.

  5. Apple said they’re sorry they didn’t have time to make them straight there wanted to unload them before Christmas

  6. I heard Apple already has a remedy for it put a heavy brick on it for 2 days

  7. Oh just tell him that it’s curved to give you a better view. People that buy Apple would believe anything you say anyway

  8. Sorry Apple. I’m a longtime user of iPads. You send me a bent one and I’m gonna send it back.

  9. Apple spent millions of dollars perfecting that bend, you ungrateful twat!

    1. Exactly! An ergonomically featured design “curve” not a “bent” edge.

      Now that some people have a trendy bendy tablet, everybody will want one!

  10. “There’s nothing wrong with this iPad. You are holding it wrong.”

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