13 replies on “Which logo design do you like best?”

  1. None of them really do much of anything for me, but of the ones shown the one that does anything is:
    Submitted by Lindsay Prescott #2

  2. I like the one w/ little men…..very unique!!! Think outside the box! Letters get boring even if they are “clean, red , or sleek”.

  3. I really like the little men securing the laptop too… But in the end I was swayed by the elegance of Henry Gretzinger #1.


  4. The red one from Lindsey, creative, catching and very clear, despite the i shifted up. A really good one!

  5. I don’t really like any of them.

    I had a thought about one with a laptop sitting on a giant postage-stamp , or some other big/small comparison logo.

    These machine are also for people, not businesses. So I would look for a more colourful apple-style logo than a corporate one.

  6. The gold on the white background is the cleanest, although I think I’d pull the bylines off the extended letters. – but it seems like there should be something clever to go with the (tres) clever name. Something like a big thumb and forefinger spanning a little computer in there, somewhere…

  7. I like the idea behind the lilliputians securing the laptop, but it seems backwards to the idea of the site. Maybe a giant foot with lots of little computers would have been better.

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