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Ever wonder where the magic that is Liliputing happens? Well, even if you haven’t, here it is. Xavier at decided to start asking tech bloggers for pictures of their workspaces the other day. So I snapped a quick photo of my home office and sent it off to him. pardon the mess, but that’s honestly what my workspace looks like on most days.

If you’re curious about what you’re looking at, here’s the rundown, from left to right:

  • On the far left is an Asus Eee PC 1000H. It actually doesn’t usually live on my desk. But I bring it into the office from time to time. It usually hangs out in the living room for use when I need a change of pace. And it’s the laptop I throw in my bag when I’m heading out to a coffee shop, or when I’m working on the road. It triple boots Windows XP, Ubuntu Eee 8.04.1, and Mandriva 2009. For now.
  • Behind the Eee PC 1000H is an Alesis Multimix 8USB audio mixer, and above it is an AKG Perception 100 microphone. Some of you may know that in addition to tech blogging, I’m also a freelance radio journalist. You can find some of my work at NPR, The Environment Report, or the now defunct Justice Talking, among other places. I use this equipment to record interviews and do audio production work. You can read more about my adventures in radioland at my personal blog.
  • The little guy to the right of the mixer is a Dell Axim X50v PDA running Windows Mobile 2003SE. I know it’s a few generations old, but I have yet to find a newer PDA with the same combination of price and performance. I’m starting to get frustrated that it doesn’t run newer software. But I’m not ready to replace it yet.
  • My primary laptop is a Toshiba A135-S4527 that I picked up for around $600 a few years ago at Circuit City. It’s not exactly top of the line, but it has a 15.4″ display, a 1.73GHz Pentium Dual-Core CPU, 2GB of RAM, and a 120GB hard drive and does most of the things I need it to. It triple boots Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Ubuntu 8.10, but Ubuntu, like most Linux distros doesn’t fully support the proprietary audio drivers in this laptop, so I wind up spending most of my time in Windows XP.
  • You can barely see it, but above the computer is a Fantom Drives USB DVD-RW drive. It’s kind of bulky, so I don’t travel with it. But it comes in handy when I want to install an alternate operating system on a discless netbook.
  • On the right is a 17″ LG Flatron monitor which I use as a secondary display for my Toshiba laptop.

Want to know what other tech bloggers desks look like? Make sure to check out Xavier’s article. James Kendrick of jkOnTheRun also wrote up an article recently about his new workspace.

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11 replies on “Where I work”

  1. Nice setup dude.
    All your specs are eerily similar to what we have here.

    Havent come around here as much since we received the Dell Mini 9 (the prices will drop for Black Friday and Xmas so i want to enjoy it a bit without seeing the price drops.) but the site still rocks, is pleasant and quick to navigate and the database is THE netbook reference on the net.
    Now that Im on the other side of the buying fence (we already agreed that we’ll buy a 10inch one before spring), Im thinking you could maybe accentuate the different readers; those who like to keep up to date on technology and those who are looking to buy. The 2nd group eventually becomes a third: those looking for hack, tips, software later on. it would be cool if we could search according to these different criteria.

    I listen to the usual tech media CNET, TWIT and Rev3 and its truly amazing how the built-in bias against the netbooks is still strong. There is always the insinuations of it being a temporary fad, of not being really used by any people or the more scientific one; they are rarely seen ‘in the wild’. I find it interesting that the hockey dads, soccer moms and martial arts widows I come across every week have better grasp of how to use and acquire technology. As soon as the first EEE shows up in the laps of a waiting parent in the stands of my kids sports, its takes only a few weeks for others to get their own. I’ve seen this happen in three of our kids sports teams. People see something they find interesting and look into buying their own.

    Technology is a matter of personal needs, personal taste (and good marketing).
    The netbook suits specific needs just like smartphones or other technology does.
    Its nice to find an open minded site which can help us wade through all the info.

  2. Wow – the EEE with the 10″ screen looks tiny – I know it is small but being the biggest of the EEE PC’s I thought this was the 901 or smaller… busy desk!

  3. My old Casiopea was great for it’s time, but my Samsung Blackjack can do more and I only have to carry one item. I am surprised your space is so clean. I have more gear/junk lying around my regular work place and I don’t do it for a living.

  4. Getting a little bit more on topic (excuse my silly digression), I think Axims, iPAQs and other pocket PCs are bound to take a hit from the netbook book boom… when I think of the netbook I could get for the $450 I spent on my HP iPAQ a couple of years ago…

  5. I have wondered. Very interesting article.

    By the way:
    <"…or when I’m woring on the road…."
    I'm sure you must have meant "warring," because, if what you did was just omit an "h," a netbook might not be required 😉


    1. You know, I was pretty sure I saw a spare K hanging out on the floor. Let me
      see if I can track it down and put it back where it belongs. They’re so
      slippery, those Ks.

      1. Sorry, I didn’t think of “working” — I’ve got a mental block against that word. There’s certainly no other reason I would have thought of the other word first.

  6. That Axim X50v is still a great device, good processor, great screen. All you need to do is install a newer ROM on it and it will rank up there with current PDAs. Check out a WM6 ROM from

    1. I tried it a while back, and while it’s certainly better than the official
      WM5.0 ROM, I found that the PDA just wasn’t as responsive as when it was
      running WM2003SE.

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