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Earlier this year Liliputing quietly celebrated its third birthday. Mobile technology has changed a lot since we started writing about affordable portable computers in 2008.

The cost of personal computing devices has come down, netbooks have started to share the spotlight with tablets (to put it kindly), and the line between smartphones, tablets and laptop and desktop computers has gotten thinner and thinner.

I’ve always tried to run Liliputing as a platform-agnostic website, covering news and tips related to Apple, Windows, Linux, Android, and other platforms. But I want to know what you think.

Would you like to see Liliputing cover more news about mobile apps, for instance? What about spending more time on Apple products, since the site tends to be a bit Windows/Linux/Android heavy at the moment?

Please take a moment to cast your vote in the poll below, and if you have more to add, please sound off in the comments.


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14 replies on “What would you like to see more of on Liliputing?”

  1. Brad, you do a great job at keeping my attention on this site. Just the right amount of posts, a good mix of posts on hardware / software / new products / and news. 

  2. I think Apple is OVER COVERED everywhere else.  A story here or there about Apple is not bad, but I think Android, Linux and others are covered too little.  (We might all sound a bit shrill on this point, but Apple really does have too much coverage.)I like that you cover hardware so very well, but I would not mind more productivity apps being covered.   

  3. I value Liliputing, in its current form, as one of only 2 mobility/tech blogs that i visit between 5-10 times A DAY as oposed to once every 1 to 7 days, like some others. I realy like the current balance it strikes on all things mobility.

    Here is my Feedback on the poll options (as available at the time of this post).

    -Stuff that i feel is already sufficiently covered by mobiputing:
         Smartphone Apps, Tablet Apps, Apple (with respects to iOS)

    -Stuff that i feel would be best suited FOR mobiputing:
         Web Apps

    -Stuff that i think Liliputing could report more on:
         Mobile Phone Hardware News (not every cariers variant of some new phone, not every new or upcomming release, but in genereal broad storkes, like it is done right now, but maybe a notch more frequent.

    – Stuff that i think should not be focused on more on either site:
        Apple, Windows and Linux news/Reviews.

    Apple only relay relates to TRUE mobile computing with iOS Devices, and the MacBook Air Line, maybe even just the 11.6″ IMHO. I never until now found Apple content to be lacking on your sites, and for everything beyond the “-puting” Sites current Missionstatement, there are specialized Apple sites for that.

    As for Windows and Linux Software, both these i see as unfitting.

    For Windows Apps, only very few are truely exclusivly useful for mobile computing. The main apeal of Windows on the Go is that it can do everything you normaly do on a stationary PC for productivity, and i think we won’t see any of that change even remotely before Windows 8 Metro Style Apps.

    As for Linux – most People who opt not to use Windows, don’t do it to be cool or cheap, but because they know of certain advantages beneficial to them. Most already frequent Linux centric News Sites or – if they are new to Linux – Forums that both deal with trouble shooting aswell as recomendations where to start or what’s cool to use. 

    As for my ultimate suggestions:
    -Liliputing is fine as it is, maybe a HINT more mobile phone news, but it’s already just about right.
    -The whole “App/Mobile Platforms/Mobile Software” Spiel should stay on mobiputing and maybe should be expanded there, but you could devote one of your 3 “Pimp Liliputing, ON Liliputing” areas (read: Featured Articles, Popular Posts, Recent Posts) to promoting mobiputing content OR have “the “Featured Arcitcles” area be double Pane left reading “Featured on Liliputing” and the right one “Featured on Mobiputing” or maybe make those the “Popular on…”
    – There is no reason to expand Apple / Windows / Linux. If something in these fields is of widespread interest, you already cover it. Expanding these to stuff that MIGHT be interesting to SOME only clutters the “mobile essentials” portfolio and is not something that will draw more readers specificaly here…. if people want a broader spectrum of news on a more narrow subject, they will look for a site specializing in the subject.

  4. Brad, you site covers all the latest news and I love your work. Its hard work and I know the tremendous effort you put in. I’d like to also see more on battery life of each unit you blog. Its nice to see the mAh and Whr of the battery of the respective unit as well as the TDP of the CPU. Most sites give a detailed review of a given notebook or netbook but never tell us the capacity of the battery in terms of whr Whr and mAh as well as the TDP of the processor.

    1. Just want to point out that Whr is the only meaningful measure of battery capacity that is typically bandied about. You can’t compare the capacity of two batteries based on mAh rating unless you also know the voltage of each battery.

  5. Please don’t increase coverage of Apple products. There are already about a billion websites covering those.

    I would not mind seeing more coverage of productivity software however. Everyone seems to focus on media and social networks but some of us actually do work too 😛

  6. Brad, I think you’re doing a great job as-is. There’s no other tech blog that quite hits the same focused mix of stuff that this one does. Contrary to the poll results, but in line with a couple of the commenters, I like that you mostly restrict “software” reviews on this blog to the OSes and their updates. For some reason, it seems more difficult to find a good, solid, in-depth review of that stuff than of app “x” or app “y”.

  7. I would like to see more smallish netbook/notebook reviews.  I think Brad does a great job and they are enjoyable to read.

  8. Well, obviously more of those paid links with scantily clad women in them.  What else does anyone come here for?

    Anonymously anonymous.

  9. Meh.  The web is already choked with software reviews and tips.  Give us more hardware!

  10. you already have mobiputing covering mobile apps and news. i think current is good enough.

    1. That was news to me.  I was going to say maybe cover some android apps but obviously he already does it there. 

      Maybe consider a once a week do a post here that recaps what you posted over there. I got them both subscribed now, but just a thought.

      1. He was doing weekly Mobiputing roundup articles here as a way to advertise the site. Didn’t really like them.

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