Windows 10 launches today in 190 countries. Microsoft is starting to roll out the OS as a free update for folks running Windows 7 or later, and many PC makers are now shipping laptops, desktops, and 2-in-1 systems powered by Microsoft’s new operating system. You can also buy a Windows 10 license.

Later this year Windows 10 for smartphones and other devices will launch, but the initial rollout is all about PCs that can run desktop apps.

The new OS combines some of the best features of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 and adds a few new goodies including the Cortana search and assistant tool, the Microsoft Edge web browser, and support for Universal Windows Apps.

So what do you think of Windows 10 so far?

windows 10_002

While it may be a little while before everyone that registered for the free upgrade can download Windows 10, we’ve been talking about the operating system for almost a year… and Microsoft has been offering free pre-release preview builds for testing since late 2014.

Overall, the OS is designed to run on a wide range of hardware, including machines with small amounts of memory and storage and low-resolution displays as well as premium systems with bleeding edge hardware.

Folks who were disappointed that the Start Menu was replaced by a full-page Start Screen in the move from Windows 7 to Windows 8 should be pleased to see that the Menu is back… sort of. The new Start Menu includes live tiles, but you can customize the look and feel of the menu and hide elements you don’t need.

windows 10_001

Like the Start Screen? You can still configure Windows 10 to use it. And if you have a 2-in-1 device that can function as a notebook or a tablet, the user interface should adapt automatically depending on how you’re using your computer.

The Edge web browser is cleaner and faster than Internet Explorer… which is a nice touch, even if the only time you ever plan to use the default browser is when you visit or to download an alternate browser.

And even if you have no intention of talking to your computer using natural language, Cortana makes the search bar much more powerful, enabling you to search your PC and the web, set reminders, and do much more.


On the other hand, there are some parts of Windows 10 that still feel like two separate operating systems that haven’t yet been merged. Windows Store apps run in windows that don’t look much like the ones that traditional desktop software runs in. And there are two different ways to access settings: through a new Modern Settings app or through the old-fashioned Control Panel.

Many of the settings options are duplicated in both places… but some are only available in Control Panel, which means you might fire up Settings only to find that you still need to switch to a different interface to actually tweak whatever it is you’re trying to change.

As with Windows 8.1, it’s largely possible to treat Windows 10 like Windows 7: Just ignore all the tablet-friendly features, pin a few of your favorites to the taskbar, and just enjoy the quick boot times, updated search, and the latest security enhancements.

But if Microsoft’s latest strategy is successful, we could see a growing number of Universal Apps in the Windows Store, which could change the way you use your computer. Android, iOS, and desktop Windows app developers are being asked to convert and submit their apps so that users can know that apps have been vetted to some degree, receive automatic updates, and make payments through a single system.

Have you tried Windows 10 yet? Or have you been keeping your distance?

Either way, what do you think of Windows 10 so far?

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82 replies on “What do you think of Windows 10 so far?”

  1. I like it so far. Time will tell if the relatioship will pass the romance phase.


  3. I’m a dual OS user usually Mint being my main, the past few weeks i was planing on going full linux because i never use win no more but curiosity kept me from doing it, you know i wanted to be part of all the win 10 brag.
    Well so far i’m surprisingly satisfied, win 10 looks clean and natural to use, it’s easy to find your stuff and cortana is fast and understanding even for kids i’m not gonna point the obvious as a linux fan boy that linux did this first or that, but seems oddly familiar as i you may noticed.

    just installed chrome from a powershell on windows felt so great LOL

    fast and responsive system well i’m impressed.

    am i gonna switch my linux main system because windows did fine this time? NO

    you know they did fine and its really and outstanding effort to do things right as an OS by microsoft but i like my OSes to be customisable on almost everything thats why i keep installing linux distros after all and playing with their cores i simply love it but lemme tell you something im gonna play more with this windows cause i like it so far maybe this time im gonna spend 50% 50% time on each os just cause it doesnt feel so different now.

  4. From other sources most people are having an easy breezy time of it! If you are having issues plenty of good sites are offering guides, hints, how to turn of feature instruction and general help. I see most people doing clean installs are having the best result too!

  5. I have used the Windows 10 preview. Its fast and seems a improvement over Windows 8.1. I am more of a Linux and OS X user but not a power user by any means. I’ve read some curious things about Windows 10. Its free for now but I can’t believe it will stay free. MSFT isn’t Apple. Some users are having upgrade issues as well. Privacy? Funny that people seem concerned given how much they share on Facebook.

    My suggestion if privacy is a real concern is to NOT use any proprietary software. Distros like Debian and Trisquel or Fedora may be a better choice then Windows or OS X or most mainstream Linux distros.

    1. According to MS…

      Most applications and hardware drivers designed for Windows 7 or later should work with Windows 10. Of course, with significant changes expected in Windows 10, it is best you contact the software developer and hardware vendor to find out about support for Windows 10. Windows 10 setup will keep, upgrade, replace and might require that you install new drivers through Windows Update or from the manufacturers website.

      So it’ll depend on the program/app and whether the changes effect it or not…

  6. Somehow I got the update last night so I stayed up late to see it upgrade. The upgrade went pretty smoothly and I’m pleased that my machine seems to be working well. Usually I’d do a clean install because of some problem or performance issue after upgrading, but this upgrade seems to be pretty clean by itself. I’ll probably do a full reset one day to reclaim some storage space and get rid of cruft, but so far everything seems to be going well.

    I like Windows 10 so far. My favorite thing is that Windows store apps run in windows along side desktop apps. There is no feeling of 2 UIs in 1 OS like Windows 8. It’s nice to be able to run as many Windows store apps as I want without having to snap them full screen or partial screen along side a “docked” desktop with a separate environment for desktop apps to live in. Things feel much more unified and seamless as I open apps without even noticing whether they are store apps or desktop apps. I can snap them to the sides, maximize, minimize, switch from desktop to tablet mode and use the multitasking without any issue and it feels natural.

    Only time will tell if it remains good, but Windows 7 and 8 were always stable for me so I’m hoping Windows 10 will be just as reliable.

  7. I just stopped by the Windows Store in Portland – got a free t-shirt and a 5-minute tour of Win 10. I use both 7 and 8.1, and like some features of both, so 10 looks promising to me. I’ve reserved the download at home, so hope to have it soon. Don’t know when work will make the jump; we just finished migrating to 7 about a year ago. As far as privacy concerns…..I’ve just about given up on any of my data being truly private. Every time I install an app on a phone (android or Win phone), I shake my head at all the data the app requires access to in order to install. And I don’t want to further fan the flamers, but I will say that Windows (all versions) wouldn’t have the issues with viruses & malware if they weren’t so popular…..if I’m a hacker, I’m not going to waste my time on OSes that most people don’t use.

    1. “if I’m a hacker, I’m not going to waste my time on OSes that most people don’t use.” Good point! That bodes well for Apple considering the attention and love it’s been getting from hackers and so forth!

    2. @pdxmark:disqus seyz: “FLAME ON!!!”
      i would also not hack open-source os which have all their vulnerabilities documented in the open.
      i would rather try and find a security holes in the closed codes.

      i would rather hack personal PCs which would earn me on everage few bucks on each hack, rather than hacking tons of DATA FILLED(since you just gave them another set) COPORATE SERVERS (>80% on linux) which would earn me millions. that is a very smart move, not wasting my time on OSes most people dont use. not wasting my time on those billions^2 of PCs/robots/routers/STBs/SBCs/SOCs/bank servers/gov server/corporate servers, etc……………

      why steal millions, when you can steal pennies.
      Those make sense perfect sense to me


      @disqus_hGxUtiUh36:disqus dont get jealous since i don’t stalk you exclusively.

      1. Nah, you’re an equal opportunity stalker :-p

        Really, though, Open Source doesn’t have all their vulnerabilities documented because Open Source doesn’t mean they even know what all their vulnerabilities are and having open access to the code doesn’t automatically mean it’s easier to find those flaws!

        Even Linus Torvalds has had to make patches when he broke something in the Kernel and didn’t realize it right away!

        Also, your example is not of a platform most people don’t use but something just about everyone uses!

        All the billions you are referring to comes from all the users who use those servers!

        But that has nothing to do with other platforms that are not generally used by any significant percentage of users!

        Does all the malware that targets servers threaten general consumers who use desktop Linux? No, then your comparison doesn’t mean what you thought it meant!

        Rather it proves PDXMark’s point, hackers/malware makers target the most popular platforms because they have the greatest access to the money and thus are the most lucrative targets!

        1. PDXMarkfor realz, no jokes or flaming, yup i agree thats why its important to update all software regularly to prevent new vulnerabilities

          i just don agree when
          this is flawed a way of thinking. IMO currently IOS + Android is hugely popular, yet we dont see the same level of viruses & malware that windows use to have.
          why? better security implementation. i.e “sandboxing app”, single repo / market for most user.

          contemporary popular hacks is a blend of current user based * current vulnerabilities level.
          so i agree that popularity is a factor, but not a sole cause of high malware/viruses on a platform.

          of course previous post was just me flaming cos he ask for it

          1. IMO currently IOS + Android is hugely popular, yet we dont see the same level of viruses & malware that windows use to have.

            Actually, we don’t see the same level because those two platforms combined still account for less market share than Windows has for the PC market…

            Mind, Windows accounts for well over 80% of the entire world market of PC users.

            While the shift to Android and iOS malware happened pretty recently when those platforms started to be used as digital wallets!

            The number of malware also has increased each year… So Windows also has a much larger head start… In its own way malware develops much like regular app ecosystems develop, growing in number and sophistication over time…

            Besides, of those two only iOS has any real security but it didn’t start out that way… When iOS was first introduced as the iPhone OS it had less default security than even XP, it took a number of years before it got to the level of security it has now… much like OSX didn’t actually have any default Unix type security layers until after Apple finally got serious about security, which was shortly after their first major malware infection basically woke everyone up to the fact they didn’t really have any real security up to that point…

            While Android only has the Kernel in common with other Linux distros and is a much more open platform that of course makes it a easier target than other Linux platforms…

            Unfortunately, it matters how a OS is designed and a OS is much more than just its Kernel… So just using a Kernel doesn’t automatically impose the same level of security as a given platform that uses that Kernel may be known for…

            Anyway, Windows is starting to catch up on some of those kinds of features you’re thinking of… The Modern/Metro apps already provide sand boxing, universal apps will help transition apps away from the vulnerable legacy desktop as MS goal is to get developers to convert their desktop apps into Universal apps, unknown or unauthorized apps are also going to be prevented from automatically running for a additional layer of protection…

            The whole list of security changes for W10 takes about 40-45 minutes to go through but there’s a big emphasis on improving security throughout… Though, I would still recommend anti-malware and AV apps from 3rd parties for now, but MS is at least finally dealing with many old issues that have long plagued the platform… Like legacy support leaving vulnerabilities over time but it’s hard to close those vulnerabilities without dropping legacy support…

            The main thing that makes Linux really hard to hack is that it can have so much fragmentation… A attack on one configured distro may not work on all the others but a mainstream OS will invariably remove fragmentation in favor of a consistent and easier to learn UI, standard tools, etc. which also helps developers more easily support apps for long periods, requires less support over time, etc.

            So success can lead to new vulnerabilities, especially with most people being lazy on security… Having a lot of users that will hit that download button without common sense precaution is a lot different from a smaller user base that knows better and is knowledgeable enough to see threats before they can cause damage… Even the most secure platforms can’t protect itself from user error and as soon as you start hitting majority numbers of users you run into a lot of user error…

          2. i agree with many of your point but i still think you are missing out on mine.

            i just stated that PDXMark view is wrong, as popularity is just a factor, no a sole contributor.

            i used current security set up on android and ios as an example how less vulnerabilities reduces malware and viruses in the wild on a popular platform.
            the same can be said on php, ngix, linux mac windows,java , flash, etc…………..
            also ios is more popular, but android has been reported to have more malware in 2012 report

            soo TLDR down want to make an argument out of nothing
            DO YOU THINK PDXMark VIEW IS RIGHT? when he says “Windows (all versions) wouldn’t have the issues with viruses & malware if they weren’t so popular.”

          3. I’d say that PDXMark over simplified it and that there are many other factors but It’s like the which came first argument, the chicken or the egg… Is the only reason Windows has malware because it’s popular… No, but it’s also true that it wouldn’t be a continuous and major target if it wasn’t!

            Since there are examples of even more vulnerable platforms that have largely been ignored by malware makers for years for little reason beyond simply not being popular enough to be worth the effort…

            But this is also because in addition to popularity it also matters which platform deals with the most money… This is linked to popularity as money usually follows what is already popular…

            Like in 2013 we saw one of the biggest increases in financial personal info stealing malware attacking Android increase by over 500%… incidentally around the same time as changes like Google Wallet integration with Gmail, allowing users to send money through Gmail attachments and of course making the movement of said funds both easier/convenient for users and more tempting a target for malware makers…

            While popularity often leads to other issues and unintended consequences… Like it’s usually harder to handle a large user based, especially if you also have to deal with fragmentation, such as whether or not the user base keeps up to date with security updates… Since security is essentially a race between security experts and the malware makers, it matters whether the platform can quickly respond to new threats or not… but it only gets worse for platforms that still use older versions of the OS…

            Like most of Windows vulnerabilities are from users still using the older versions of the OS… Android similarly suffers this issue as high fragmentation of the device market means large portions of the user base is still using much older releases of the OS…

            Mind, this is one of the contributing reasons why Android gets 97% of all the malware targeting mobile devices even though it only represents 78% of the market and iOS disproportionally only gets about 1% but unlike Android Apple has managed to keep most users under the latest version and with the latest updates…

            All of this also deals with usability, as systems designed to cater to be easier for people to use also tend to be less secure but most people prefer to have control and choices not limited, which is why Android has 78% of the market and iOS is now in the minority… but that can lead to a whole other conversation and the many factors that contribute and effect how a platform is designed and what it takes to get the majority of users…

            So, anyway, yes there are other factors but most of them fall under popularity as that invariably leads to the ideal conditions to both attract malware makers and to provide the most opportunities for them to take advantage of…

    1. Well, they have been BFF with the NSA for some time now, so we shouldn’t expect anything else.

    2. Everyone should read that EDRi article on Windows 10 and (lack of) privacy. It is as bad as Google, maybe worse!

  8. If you are a Win 8/8.1 user, this looks promising, admittedly, the bar is not that high there, while Win 7 keeps holding it’s ground more than well, what I see here is a potentially great OS that gets restrained trying to both appeal to casual users while giving more dedicated ones some range in freedom too, unfortunately, the balance generally leans to casuals, and leaves the others with more than enough reasons to avoid what we feel are more attempts from Microsoft to keep us all in shackles.

    As a lifetime Windows user ( currently on 8.1 ), I’d be welcoming this new OS if given the tools to avoid all those privacy issues, not to mention the many technical issues the Win 8s have, If you don’t like change, stay on 7, as they say, if it’s not broken, don’t fix it, most win 7 users are on safe ground still at least for a few years, those of us on the 8s, let’s stay hopeful that this is our answer at last, 8.1 is not really that bad, but at times it feels like you are fighting against the OS every time you have to tweak it to appeal to you, not too hard, but it can become a chore.

    1. Thank you! You see, that’s a useful post! I would reply that from what I am reading other places many are having positive experiences, while others are hopeful fully understanding that this is day one of this roll out!

        1. view in in another light buddy.
          his/her ignorance and/or stupidity is hilarious

          1. Yeah milkboy, I’m sure you are having fun down in your parent dark basement!

          2. yeah… im so busy at my working in the basement parents that i can only check up at every work breaks to make fun of people…….
            omg…. its soo freaking dark here………….
            clearly you dont read other comments not relating to you or your rant

        2. Lol Why because I have an opinion other than “I hate” Windows whatever? I’ve been off to other blogs and see more positive than attack/hate ms posts! It seems to be going well for people who follow instructions or who just allow it to do it’s thing!

  9. For me the bad outweighs the good. No WMC (no surprise about that though). Wifi sense can be turned off, but you have to know to do it. I don’t want all my stuff on Microsoft’s servers. I know I can configure Windows10 to save locally but again, you have to know to do it. I have not had much stability with Edge. Others may have a different experience (I am a Firefox guy anyway). Cortana is cool but the back end is Bing. Too bad I do not have the option to change that but I cannot blame Microsoft for using their own product. Windows10 is a big improvement over Windows 8/8.1 but it really doesn’t give me a compelling reason to switch from Windows7 for my Windows OS needs. Maybe in a year or so there will be more reasons to switch but for now, no thank you.

    1. Here is another! See, concise and to the point! Appreciate that! No MS hate on display, just preference!

        1. Still a clean opinion. I haven’t used Linux but that’s because for me MS is at the office, was at school when I attended and is generally all I need! I have 2 android devices just because I got one for free and liked it for other non-office related reasons and because they were cheap at the time and easy. I do have a mini xp I wanted to try Ubuntu or mint on. Just haven’t had the time.

          1. You are welcome to test Linux, Ubuntu 14.04LTS recommended. Of course, Linux is not for everyone, it depends on the software youre using. If there is an application you have to use and which is Windows only, you have no option. But if you can find an alternative, you may feel the freedom, which can you get only from free software. It is not about money, I also donate some free software projects. Just try and get your own opinion 🙂

  10. Seriously haters, this is not the place for people like you, the OP clearly wants to hear from folks that are actually downloading, have downloaded and are actively taking WIN 10 for a ride, so spare us your Win/Hatred edition!
    You haters who have not even used Windows anything for years can go to other blogs already hating on Win10! It’s asinine to post an answer like some already have when clearly we want to hear from those that actually have downloaded it, good or bad, at least have an experience with Win10!

    1. Meds out of balance, paid shill, or emperor parading in your birthday suit? Touchy anyway for sure!

      1. Not a paid shill, just a windows user! Since the beginning. And I have never found a problem in my experience, that I have never been able to fix!

    2. “Have you tried Windows 10 yet? Or have you been keeping your distance?
      Either way, what do you think of Windows 10 so far?”

      who is we? do you meant yourself?

      clearly the article ask everyone opinion whether you have use it or not.

      it is an opinion piece, asking reader to share their THOUGHTS ON WIN10.

      argumentum ad hominem much.
      nuff said.

      1. “argumentum ad hominem much” Ditto! You have your interpretation I have mine! Significantly some claim not to have used windows for years! What value is their opinion then? nuff said!

        1. hahaha…
          how could you interpret,
          “Have you tried Windows 10 yet? Or have you been keeping your distance?
          Either way, what do you think of Windows 10 so far?”
          “the OP clearly wants to hear from folks that are actually downloading, have downloaded and are actively taking WIN 10 for a ride”

          clearly you have read it in a wrong context. clearly OP thinks all of their opinion mattered, even if they stayed away or not and their opinion on WIN10 even they use it or not.

          “Significantly some claim not to have used windows for years! What value is their opinion then?” SIGNIFICANTLY!!! wow….
          as of now i only see one(
          Charles7 )reply to this post stated that they have not use it for years………
          so yeah your intepretation “1 OUT OF 10 IS SIGNIFICANT” is flawed, read the dictionary why dont you,
          even if you said that a moment ago not that many people replied, it still only ONE person.

          lastly my “ad hominem”, is on your attack on the person making the opinion on win10 (by stating simply they hate win10) instead of making and argument against their stated opinion (eg. anon pics on privacy, you just says it is useless and ask mod to “toss it”. clearly the reader think it is like being under Joseph Goebbels, so make a constructive argument why he is wrong instead of just asking mod to “toss it”.)

          there do you understand my interpretation, and im clearly still got the wrong interpretation on yours. or………

          1. indeed, i cant only seems to understand any of your interpretation…
            despite understanding everyone else

            you are a funny guy

          2. Yeah I see where your problem seems to be! No worries, I’m sure you will get it together some day!

          3. Lol by the way how useful was anons post for you?…lol As useful as Huckabee’s comparison to Obama leading the Jews to the oven’s door? Anon’s pic is tasteless and insulting period. Jac and milkboys response to jac were at least on point and offered some reasoning. if you are comparing anons to their then I can see where you are coming from…not

    3. It’s gotta be rough being a Win/MS fanboy. . . . not much to really brag about — malware, viruses, borked implementations, half-baked ideas, incompetent leadership, DOA mobile, bugs, bugs, bugs, bugs, bugs, bugs, and more friggin bugs. . . but hey, it has a massive install size and lots of compressed files when you don’t have enough room, that should be fun!!!

      1. Yeah, Icrap never has those problems! Never even lately right! By the way, it’s always easier to blame the tools rather than recognizing the tool users incompetence!

        1. sooo…..
          “malware, viruses, borked implementations, half-baked ideas, incompetent
          leadership, DOA mobile, bugs, bugs, bugs, bugs, bugs, bugs, and more
          friggin bugs” are just ” users incompetence” that can be solved via “plenty of sites one can go to get help, and they are not hard to find”

          this Win/MS fanboy clearly dont understand most of what is said by guest123.
          read about ” software bugs”, “DOA mobile”,etc………….

          i find you extremely hilarious….

          1. I find it extremely hilarious that you are so obsessed with me that you feel the need to post to all my responses, but hey, I can play too! And yes, I stand by my reply that most MS problems I read about can be resolved with a little research, most times by people responding to the problem post! Don’t you? Never heard of XDA and sites like that? MS blog sites? Sure I can go on mentioning sites, but you know them as well as guest123! It’s just easier to blame MS for the sake of just not accepting our own limitations! I find it interesting that guest123 just plops a generic name to drop in and lay out a lame attack on me rather than post a reasoned reply to the question at hand! At least you had one good response before you decided to stalk me….lol

          2. i like annoying random stranger, especially a retarded ones….
            pick up a book. also read what you write before posting.
            this is how you make a constructive argument, instead of making Ignoratio elenchi, like argumentum ad hominem.
            like me attacking your dumb ass theory…

          3. And the band play on! Digin into your bag of insults just to show you can’t muster any rational arguments that reasonably explains the “I hate ms, but I don’t ever use it because x years ago… therefore Win10 sucks”. keep trying

          4. their reply IS VALID since the reply to OP asking why they dont want to try win 10.

            yours isnt. just calling them haters cos they wouldnt try it. which is irrelevant tot the question.

            that post was having you taste your own attack.
            (hence the separate reply,)

            soo you do realize on some level that “insults just to show you can’t muster any rational arguments”

            that what i have been trying to tell you since the beginning.OP wants rational arguments, NOT Fallacies of irrelevance (Ignoratio elenchi)

            thank you.
            that was refreshing.

          5. Ooh you seemed to have taken a generalized comment a bit personal. I did not mean to hurt your feelings. I actually gave you credit and others for their on point posts! Ignoratio elenchi, yes it is refreshing that you are taking you education seriously. That’s truly refreshing glad I propelled you forward. Have a good night, tomorrow it will be better.

          6. “personal” is a stretch. for me its more for fun. hahahahahaha….. hope you enjoyed our encounter

          7. can xda fix bugs for CLOSED SOURCED SOFTWARE?NO. can the work around it? YES. the very definition of closed source is that you are not allowed to change the base code in any way without permission.

            have you ever done any real IT work?any programing? there still are faults that lies within MS that are limiting us. work around only goes so far.
            treating a diseases is not the same as a cure.

            and yes using a generic name doesnt give me any pleasure of stalking.
            its comedic for me to point at people stupidity and/or ignorance….

          8. Still that obsessive behavior I see! I did not say XDA is or has the answer to everything or your problems with MS, that’s your take on my comment! As to real IT work? No, but I haven’t had to other than on android. Still I have had the assistance of very good tech from the office, internet and customer services. That’s my point. You don’t have to delve into the program looking for an answer. Others have probably done it already. Now if you can’t find it through resources then by all mean go digging! ! About the generic name, was not talking about you. I guess it’s time for your meds you are reading too much into my comments! Take some time to wipe the spittle from your lips and change keyboards, it will relieve the stress!

          9. hahahaha…..
            it should be the other way round. you seems to only grasp the basic English IT.
            as a technical user i do understand the limitation faced by different OSes.

            software like human are flawed. you view software flaws, express by other readers, as their technical incompetence, and keep denying the existence of software flaws just human flaws.
            yet when i try to explain to you, you accuse me of reading to much in your comment, when in fact i’m just using your own word and your lack of understanding against you.

            im easily obsessed with fun toys.

          10. Wow, still obsessed with my post. You must be lonely. Sorry I just saw this, but I found more intelligent conversation. But you ll be okay. I promise it will get better for you. Go outside, meet some one and try to grow.

    1. I think your post with a picture of the propaganda minister ( I believe) is in poor taste and tells us nothing. Maybe Brad can toss it as useless? I don’t think the regulars would mind much!

      1. speak for yourself. . . .

        I love it!!!!

        MS these days are an extension of the NSA. And you are clearly one of their propaganda ministers.

        1. Lol a conspiracy theorist! Yeah, like all your information is not already out there thanks to credit card companies, downloaded apps, mortgage applications, credit bureau and criminal organization from China to Russia! Unless you live in a stone age like environment at home under ground and have made nothing but cash purchases, your info is out there! Good luck with that!

        2. I agree..the picture is dead on. MS is ridiculous. They invade privacy to give conveniences that were never asked for. It’s crazy that we’ve all seen the countless movies set in a future where technology (and government) reigns supreme and privacy is non-existent (and all the problems that come with it) yet we allow them to continue with their agenda of “bringing us a better world” with their software. I’m not an alarmist or a bunker owning fanatic (not to bash those who are…it’s not a bad idea) but we’ve all seen how “private” our information is when stored on computer systems…no system is hack-proof. What’s truly scary is the invasion of privacy doesn’t even have to be covert anymore. It’s accepted without question and MS’s Privacy Statement is extremely vague when listing the reasons they may “access, disclose and preserve personal data, including your content (such as the content of your emails, other private communications or files in private folders)”. They are, for all intents and purposes, judge and jury when it comes to pilfering through your personal and private information.

          To the comments on privacy and Facebook…all I can say is anybody with a brain knows not to post anything they don’t want the world to know..that’s not the same as having your hard drive anal probed for information while you’re sleeping without even the pretense of offering an opt-out.

  11. I began avoiding Windows a few years ago, still have a Win7 laptop that’s mainly an HTPC, and every time I use it for any “real” work I’m reminded how nothing ever works properly and you spend more time solving Windows issues than working.

    And that’s why I most likely won’t be touching any other Windows version. Watching a friend fight with 8 is enough for me. Windows has so many underlying issues, and instead of fixing them they just “patch” and “patch” which creates more and more issues ….. Wash, rinse, repeat.

    I just need the apps that will do what I need to do, I don’t need an enterprise OS shoehorned into a consumer product.

    1. That does it. I’m not going to upgrade to Windows 10 because you and your friend are not very good at using computers. /sarc

    2. Seriously dude, it’s either you not knowing how to use your device, or you have a crappy device! I get so tired of hearing complaints like yours, when overwhelmingly I hear nothing but good resolutions to problems with windows. And there really aren’t many as you haters would have us believe!!!!
      Now this is not the place for people like you, the OP clearly wants to hear from folks that are actually downloading, have downloaded and are actively taking WIN 10 for a ride, so spare us your Win/Hatred edition!

      1. While I agree that Charles opinion is biased in his experience and personal skills with his devices, I also think you show a great deal of the same bias and a horrendous load of zealotry in yours, not just this but you keep repeating similar things to others in this thread.

        The OP clearly stated he wanted anyone’s opinion on the matter, the poll itself leads to this assumption because hey, guess what, there are options there for non Windows users.

        So how about instead of throwing toxic comments to anyone with a negative opinion on Windows, you use your brain a little, explain what you think is good and bad about the OS and comment about it in a constructive way?

        I personally like the promise W-10 offers despite every privacy concern that does not really look far fetched. I’ve been using Windows mainly all my life and I do have poor opinions on many of its aspects.

        Well look at that, I could do it and I am sure I’m as average a person as you may be, give it a shot, I know you can!

        1. If you see toxic or zelotry in my posts above, and not in the posts I responded to, then I guess you read more into my comments than it’s there. Useless MS hatred bores me, and there seems to be plenty going around the usual blogs that have a preference for Iproducts. Having said that to the poll itself, indeed If you use others then yes I would like to hear your comparison! I happen to like a lot of what I hear about Linux, but I’ve never used it and probably won’t except to maybe put it on a flash drive and probably booting it on a small xp laptop I have just to se it and play with it.
          But as I already stated I have never encountered a problem with my usage of windows that I haven’t been able to resolve. Indeed there are plenty of sites one can go to get help, and they are not hard to find.

          When someone says they have to dig into the system for a solution I am skeptical of that answer when all you really have to do is yahoo, google or bing or Mozilla your issue and select a site or two to get help? I think many folks create more problems for themselves when they use and tweek their systems in order to make the system work the way they want it to!

          I understand they want to save a few bucks when software is updated, the user want to avoid paying for that update or upgrade, but blaming the operating system is too often the end result of many of their problems!

          I also understand that for some professions, updating each time a new version show up can be expensive, so they follow the route of trying to tweek what they have already in order to make it work. But in the process they screw up the devices operating system, after all OP will only go so far.

          Folks just have to bite the bullet and pay for their particular software update to work with their operating system!

          But just offering lame excuses or accusations without even trying the new OP, or having “spent years avoiding” MS product then coming on and saying how much the new OP sucks, that’s lame and deserving of being called out. IMHO

          y the way, I also have 2 android devices, an apple MacBook aside from my MS 8.1 laptop and Win7 pc and Win RT tablet.

          I have an older xp that I am waiting to have some free time with to load Linux to experiment with. But I wont bad mouth Linux just because, until I have tried it and actually disliked it! And by badmouthing I mean explain why I did not like it or found it useful! Which is a lot different from what I have seen of the haters and naysayers on Win 8.1 or 10. Heck I even found (or got) a good version of Win Vista that I am keeping on a smaller latop so I can continue to fiddle with android flashing until the tools catch up to newer windows OP’s.

          Finally you noticed I never mention how good or bad Win 10 is. That’s because I have not downloaded it yet. See I am looking to see what people experience, what resolutions become available, and then over the weekend when I can take some time off my busy schedule I will go ahead and download it. I say when I have enough time so that if I experience any issues I also have time to look up the fixes from various sites. I know I wont have to search far, many blogs are already posting solutions to problems as they appear. I suspect I will have no problems because I will prepare before rushing in! Its why I read the useful blogs that tend to have useful posts and information rather than haters opining on something they don’t even have or will have!

          1. OP means Original poster
            you want to write os in place some of those 😉

          2. No not really! As long as you understood, and you apparently did where it counts. In case you did not I use it as operating system! If you prefer UI…nah not really into changing it, you seem to understand it enough!

    1. agree, i waiting if they would reverse those policy before moving my tablet to win10.

      MS said:”We will access, disclose and preserve personal data, including your
      content (such as the content of your emails, other private
      communications or files in private folders), when we have a good faith
      belief that doing so is necessary to protect our customers or enforce
      the terms governing the use of the services.”

      feels like and invasion of privacy to me. Give MS rights to disclose our personal “good faith”. what does that even mean.

      it also sounds like giving away our our fair use rights, since they pursue legally for actions that breach MS’s TOS . i.e. some ms services cant be turn off, we want it off, then it is up to MS good will to allow it. if we turn it off our self via any other means, even it is fair use, it is illegal under their TOS if MS dont allow it.

      i wont upgrade my main pc until MS change those privacy and TOS agreement.

      i might have to upgrade for work PC, which is outside my control, so cant say when that will be.

    2. This is eye-opening. Not comfortable with this. at. all. I was looking forward to purchasing a detachable in the next month (been on Linux for about 6 months – great experience so far) but the thought of having to fight *my* OS daily is giving me second thoughts. I’ll have to see how others are setting up Windows 10 re: privacy (or if it’s even possible).

      1. There are already articles on setting up the privacy settings, not using a MS account to log in, etc.

        But I’d bet that before long someone will come up with a easy to use 3rd party solution… One thing that has always been true about using Windows is there is always something that ticks off some percentage of the population the wrong way and it has always been 3rd party solutions that have come to the rescue…

        Everything from custom themes for XP to replacement start menu apps for W8, a fix for your woes are likely to show up sooner or later, just keep an eye out for it and hopefully it comes out before the one year free upgrade offer expires…

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