How to use an SD card with Amazon Fire tablets

Brad Linder

You can choose to install apps to the microSD card or use it as a removable, portable storage device. 

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In portable storage mode, you can use the card to store downloaded music, movies, photos, books, and other content.

If you choose the internal storage option, the tablet will offer to format your card as internal storage and then ask if you'd like to move files, media, and some apps to your SD card. 

You can also move apps or data to the SD card after you've formatted it as internal storage. 

You can move apps back to Internal storage from the Settings -> Apps -> Specific app -> Storage menu.

Keep in mind that if you're using your SD card as internal storage, some apps may not work properly if the card is removed.  If you want to keep using your apps when the card is removed, make sure to move them to internal storage before removing or reformatting the card.