There haven’t been many smartphones with physical keyboards since BlackBerry exited the mobile phone business. But a few years ago Unihertz launched an Android-powered BlackBerry clone called the Unihertz Titan.

Now the company is getting ready to launch a newer, smaller model called the Unihertz Titan Pocket.

Like the original Titan, the new Titan Pocket will be available for pre-order at a discounted price through a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign before becoming more widely available.

Unihertz hasn’t announced pricing or detailed specs yet, but the company has posted a teaser video and a promotional website that gives us a good look at the upcoming phone.

When placed side-by-side with the original Unihertz Titan, the new model is shorter and thinner which should make it easier to hold in one hand and more comfortable to slip into a pocket. But that means you’ll also have a smaller (possibly more cramped) keyboard and a display that’s smaller than the 4.6 inch screen on the original Titan.

Unihertz says folks who pre-order during the Kickstarter campaign will be able to save 47-percent off the retail price. You can sign up to be notified when the campaign goes live at the Unihertz website.

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12 replies on “Unihertz Titan Pocket is a smartphone for fans of keyboards and small phones (crowdfunding)”

  1. I prefer a slider keyboard. At least for my even more niche use case, I’d use it for terminals/SSH over even the specialized onscreen keyboards.

    That’s why I’m looking into the F(x)tec Pro1-X. It’s also targeting other OS’s (officially and unofficially) geared more towards folks like me.

  2. Can’t cost more than the $340 retail
    charged for the Titan product. About
    half the price of the other crowdfunded
    physical keyboard Android phones.

  3. Size- and shape-wise it reminds me of my last PDA, the iPAQ 110. I actually like the look, but I like retro-feeling tech in general. 🙂

  4. I’m a big fan of qwerty phones, I would totally latch on an Xperia Mini Pro with a modern SoC, but I have issues with this keyboard layout here: the spacebar would be better either below or moved to the far right side, the numbers should be Fn functions on the top row instead of the dial-configuration, the Shift/Alt keys should be on the side or bottom instead of the top row, and a separate ‘.’ key would be also good. To make space they could ditch the Android buttons and just use on-screen controls for those functions, or some keys can double as them in certain situations (like the backspace can be the back, the space the home and the shift as the task manager when not on an input field).

    1. As a daily user of the Unihertz Titan for over a year, I cannot disagree with you more about ditching the hardware navigation keys. I have two BlackBerry Key series phones which have touch navigation controls. When I got the Titan I didn’t realize how awesome it is to have a tactile click button for the navigation keys. It is so much nicer. After all, we get these keyboard phones because we like the tactile sensation from the buttons. I know exactly where the nav keys are by feel, I don’t have to look. I turned off all animations in dev settings so when I click the nav keys the response is quick and snappy, and it’s so nice with the hardware keys. I am so happy Unihertz is keeping the nav keys on the Titan Pocket. Looks like they added a symbol and fn key too, that might be nice but hm I wonder if it will make it feel more cramped. We’ll see.

  5. Personally, I prefer F(x)tec’s horizontal slider form factor than anything portrait.

    1. As neat as it is to be able to use the keyboard one handed, the trade offs for doing so this way are more, IMO, than the trade offs of using the on-screen keyboard.

      1. Especially now that phones are getting so big,
        the newest Chinese models top 7″, making the
        onscreen keyboard almost as big as the Titan’s.

        1. Even on tiny phones. I still have my old kyocera rise (can’t do much more than play mp3s these days), and I can use the on screen keyboard just fine, even though that’s a 3.5 inch screen.

    2. I’m curious about that too. Do you own an fx tec slider phone? I have two BlackBerry Key series phones and my daily driver has been the Unihertz Titan for over a year, so I am used to and very adept at using portrait style keyboards. I’ve never used a horizontal layout like the fx tec. There is also the new Astro Slider 5g phone from Planet Computers coming out soon, that has a horizontal layout but the style of keys is very different. I am very curious how the horizontal form factor would compare but I just can’t speak on it because I never used one.

  6. physical keyboard and small form factor isn’t contradictory

    actually that keyboard might be something that helps with some problems you get due to that size


    why the heck not in a slider config?

    this blackberry-style-thingy looks stupid

    1. I second that, slider is better and more comfortable, as you can pack a wider keyboard.

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