The Archos 32 is the first of five new Android tablets from Archos to hit the streets. This model runs $149.99 and it’s probably best to think of the Archos 32 is a souped up portable media player that can run Android apps rather than a full-fledged Android tablet.

Archos sent me a demo unit to review, and while I’m going to reserve final judgment until I’ve had more time to put the little guy through the paces, here are a few initial thoughts:

  • The resistive touchscreen is pretty responsive, but it’s still tough to enter text with a fingertip. You’re better off using a fingernail, and I found that accuracy improved significantly after I ran the screen calibration tool.
  • I was a bit surprised to notice that there’s no built-in speaker, because the Archos 5 Internet Tablet I reviewed earlier this year had one, but the Archos 32 is a much smaller device.
  • It takes a bit longer than I would expect for the screen to shift from portrait to landscape mode when you tilt the display, but the accelerometer seems to work quite well for controlling games.
  • Archos includes custom audio and video players which are quite nice, as well as media playback widgets for the Home Screen that make it easy to switch audio tracks, pause playback, or make other changes by swiping the Home Screen until you hit the appropriate widget without having to pull down and Android notification bar.
  • While the Archos 32 supports pumping audio and video out to a TV, you’ll need to purchase an A/V cable which will be sold separately.
  • There’s a basic equalizer built into the Audio Settings menu, which is something not included in the stock Android user interface.
  • There’s a tool that lets you tether the Archos 32 to a cellphone via USB or Bluetooth to share an internet connection, since the tablet supports WiFi and Bluetooth even though it doesn’t have its own 3G modem.

That’s it for now. Stay tuned for more on the Archos 32 Internet Tablet as I spend more time with the device.

You can check out an unboxing and first look video after the break, complete with cameo appearances by the Google Nexus One and the 4th Gen iPod touch.

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16 replies on “Unboxing and first look at the Archos 32 Internet Tablet”

  1. Oh, and it uses it’s own version of market calles appslib, Although i’m sure there will be a market hack soon enough.

    I forgot to mention as well that the camera works very decently & can use the various barcode software, works well.

    1. Market hack? You mean piracy? You know warez and illegal. I feel sorry for software developers both big (Google) and small (just one guy) because people think they can download their software without the proper rights and licenses.

      1. Idiot. He meant a hack to let you use the completely legal and aboveboard Android Market to get new apps.

        Also, why do we have all these fucking markets and appslibs and shit? What’s wrong with just selling software in stores and downloading it?

        I think “Software Developer” is a shill for Archos.

      2. As Concerned Citizen said, I was referring to a way to be able to use the official android market that does not come on the unit, rather it’s to download the free apps or “PAY” for and download the paid software.Had nothing to do with pirating software in anyway whatsoever! You poorly assume & make false accusations.Your feelings on getting market to work on devices that do not officially come with it would have more appropriate.

        1. Both of you are idoits. The Google Market and other Google apps are proprietary software that are not part of the open source version of Android. Using these Google apps requires a proper license from Google which must be obtained by the manufacurer for the end user. Downloading and using these Google apps without Google’s permission is illegal. You do not have the legal rights to do so.

          1. Exactly. I was talking about pirating the Google Market and the other apps Google requires a license for. I hope Google cracks down on people pirating their software and the sites that provide it.

  2. I have a 32 (well it’s going back to be replaced after some issues)

    I use my finger tip, and my fingers are not small.

    I feel the screens more responsive than the 5it, just not as nice looking.

    I’m not super quick anyway, so i found typing in landscape or portrait just fine.

    It types better in landscape, but one handed operation in portrait seems to work very well.

    In a lot of ways I think operation is better than the 5it, but that may just be the newer software.

    I thought the screen res was going to be a problem, but it really hasn’t been a problem at all.

    Wifi is much more stable than the 5it, don’t use the Bluetooth too much, so didn’t get around to testing it’s function.

    Network share’s are easier to set up than the 5it.

    Battery’s not user replaceable, nor any of the other gen 8’s

    after a few charges, i was getting about 4-5 hours continuous use playing you tube videos with a youtube app i found.

  3. Definitely awaiting more reviews on this device. May get this as Christmas present for a friend. The price point is very intriguing. Reminds me a lot of the Archos 3 Vision but so much better.

    Finally Archos coming out with better products and better pricing, now if they can just get their battery life to perform better and improve their customer support then I am sold.

  4. Thanks for posting the review. I would like to see these in your full review:

    1. Is it just me or does everyone try and type in portrait mode and fail? I always type in landscape mode, bcos my fingers are too thick.
    2. You seemed a bit hurried in navigating the screen, hence the shabby response of the screen. Slow down and see if the response of the screen is still shabby.
    3. Does main apps work properly? video, audio, picture, browser, skype, video recording, audio recording and instant messaging
    4. If it does not connect to app store out of the box, how do you connect? Is it a hack or is it just hidden?
    5. How is the wifi connection? does it drop often and how much of battery life does it use up? Also does wifi work while it is charging or connected via the USB to a computer?
    6. Bluetooth is for headset only or does it connect to a computer too to transfer files?

    1. 1. I would type in portrait mode because I like seeing the page or app I’m typing in. For example, in portrait mode, I could type this response while still being able to see your comment. Anyway, I use a physical keyboard and prefer it over touch screen keyboards that take up too much screen space.

      2. That kind of “hurried” use works perfectly fine on capacitive screens. Having to slow down just shows how a resistive screen was a bad choice.

      4. Archos does not have the official rights to install the Google Market on their devices. Archos tablets will need some sore of hack to get it which is piracy.

  5. Seems small to be calling it a tablet. Maybe, it is just my hang up, but I think a tablet starts at 5″. Anything smaller then a five inch screen is a palmtop or other such made up word. Palm-let? Smartreader?

    1. They could have called it the Archos Touch, but I guess they rather call the whole series Internet Tablets.

  6. Is the battery removable on this device, as well as the other devices in the new Archos line?

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