unr 910 alpha 4

There’s one thing I really don’t like about the Ubuntu Netbook Remix user interface. It covers up the desktop. And you could make a case that the traditional concept of a desktop for storing program icons and temporary files is outdated. But I’m used to it, and I’m getting old, crotchety, and set in my ways, gosh darn it. Anyway, it looks like the newest version of the UNR interface might make it easier to use Ubuntu’s custom program launcher for netbooks while still giving you a little access to a desktop.

Ubuntu Mini has some screenshots of Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala Alpha 4 Netbook Remix. If you’re still with me after reading that long, long name, what it basically means is that the next major version of Ubuntu Linux is due out in October, and the latest pre-release version of the operating system features a few more changes to the netbook-specific user interface.

For the most part, things look much the same as they did with last month’s release. But now the menus will dynamically resize to let you see part of the desktop behind the program launcher if it doesn’t need to fill the whole screen with icons. Folder animations are also back, for better or worse.

Ubuntu 9.10 Alpha 4 is available for download from Canonical. Or if you just want to check out some more pretty pictures, hit up Ubuntu Mini.

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10 replies on “Ubuntu Netbook Remix user interface tweaked some more”

  1. Other than that warm fuzzy feeling that you get from seeing the Desktop, what other advantage does the Desktop have compared to UNR. I think UNR is the best way to go for further development for the User Interface. With UNR I find that I can get to things much quicker.

  2. i think it came out of what asus showed of with xandros and the launcher there.

    maybe it made sense when the eeepc was seen as a kids computer, and had a small, low resolution, screen, or maybe it makes sense when used on a touchscreen device rather then a ordinary computer, not sure…

    i kinda like it tho, and is using the older variant on my eeepc 900 thanks to eeebuntu…

  3. Can’t say I have ever missed the desktop. Anyway this only lets you see a small part of it, so you can’t really have any icons there.

    Whats wrong with placing your “desktop” icons as Favourites?

  4. Now if they could get rid of MONO

    Use Thunderbird, and don’t use the forked version of OpenOffice that Novell built (so the datasources only sees their Evolution), where we could use Thunderbird as the datasource… and then could use Sync Kolab add-on to Thunderbird to store contacts up on IMAP server. WHERE that was supported as part of the metapackage. Oh and use DigiKam and/or Gwenview and NOT that MONO SPOT photo thing…

    That would be good. Because of the way that Ubuntu does it’s megapackage updates it is a real pain in the neck to customize it where stuff does not break when the metapackage updates show up (already broke OpenOffice..org 3.1 in some installed boxes and NOT due to an OpenOffice part of the update, something else broke it, so that suddenly could not use OpenOffice 3.1 at all. ALL I GOT was complaints from my users.

      1. Nope – just that Microsoft has patents on .NET methods and concepts (that MONO uses), ONLY NOVELL has licensed those .NET patents BECAUSE of their heavy use of MONO (and that Microsoft patent license deal only went for 5 years, with no auto extension), Uses of Novell, without a Novell extension, are infringers on the Microsoft patent once that Novell deal runs out.

        Ubuntu has no Microsoft patent deal (MS would want them to charge per seat like Novell in order to get one). AND Ubuntu should have NO patent deal with Microsoft (as .NET tech, will change as MS changes it, and then when using ANY Microsoft tech (and MONO tech by patent is OWNED by MIcrosoft), any MS tech leaves all at a disadvantage as MS comes out with NEW versions of tools, and their apps are all updated, then everyone takes a year of two to catch up, and when they are finally able to have something that works, MS changes everything again (as they already have for their own application customers upgraded them so that nothing works backward). MS can’t exist without this game. Take a look at what happened to FOXPRO users as they were forced to move to .NET instead to understand that Ubuntu should be using only FREE software and NO MONO.

        MONO is not FREE software (as in free speech).

        1. So, without a ban on software patents, then using MONO is the same as using .NET (and being locked into Microsoft again as Microsoft expects to be paid for use of .NET technology). If anyone has any questions about this, then Groklaw has many articles about the risks of using MONO.

          FSF: FOSS developers “still should not write software that depends on Mono”
          Friday, July 17 2009 @ 04:53 AM EDT

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