If you’re using uBlock Origin with your web browser to block ads and other scripts, then you may come across messages from time to time asking you to disable your ad blocker because it’s interfering with the page.

And sometimes that’s the last thing you want to do.

I was recently alerted to the fact that Liliputing was displaying this sort of message to visitors due to software that we’re using to comply with GDPR and CCPA privacy requirements. But if you’re already using an ad blocker, then you probably don’t need that software, since you’ve already taken your privacy in your own hands.

So here’s how to disable the “ad or script blocking” warning when using uBlock Origin on sites that use Google Funding Choices.

You are seeing this message because ad or script blocking software is interfering with this page.

The message reads:

You are seeing this message because ad or script blocking software is interfering with this page.

Disable any ad or script blocking software, then reload this page.

I was initially hoping to find a way to disable the warning at the server level by identifying the unique code for the message and disabling it. But it seems to have a unique identifier every time it pops up, so that’s not easy to do on my end.

But if you’re using uBlock Origin, you may be able to stop the message from appearing with the following steps:

  • Click the uBlock Origin icon in your browser toolbar.
  • Click the Settings icon near the bottom right side of the pop-up menu.
  • Navigate to the “My filters” tab.
  • Click the “Update now” button if it’s yellow.
  • Click the “Purge all caches” button.

That should stop the ad/script blocking message from appearing on this website and others that use Google Funding Choices.

But if it doesn’t work, here are steps you can definitely take to hide the message on just this site. You should also be able to adapt these instructions for any site where you see this message, but you will have to create a new filter for each site where you want to disable it.

  • Click the uBlock Origin icon in your browser toolbar.
  • Click the Settings icon near the bottom right side of the menu that pops up.
  • Open the “My filters” tab.
  • Add the following line:
liliputing.com##+js(no-setTimeout-if, f.parentNode.removeChild(f), 100)
  • Click apply

That’s it. Next time you load the site, you shouldn’t see the warning message anymore.

Change the URL from Liliputing.com to the domain name of any website where you see this message to stop it from appearing on other sites.

uBlock origin and Google Funding Choices

If you’re wondering why this message appeared on Liliputing in the first place, it’s because we’re currently using Google Funding Choices as a Consent Management Platform in order to comply with privacy laws in Europe and California. In the past we had used Quantcast Choice, but had trouble getting it to work properly with Google AdSense, which is one of the primary sources of revenue for Liliputing.

So if you are using uBlock Origin or another ad blocker, please consider making a donation or contributing to our Patreon campaign to help support this site.

Note: the solution described in this article was adapted from comments in an issue report at the uBlock Origin github page

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23 replies on “uBlock Origin: How to hide Google’s script blocking warning for websites using Funding Choices”

  1. I enjoy interfering with the loading of content on my web browser using my data connection.

    Privacy is a human right.
    AdBlocking is a right.

    Thank you for helping people protect themselves. Thank you for not asking people to whitelist your use of third party toolkits.

    Next level: seek informed consent. Educate people how third part ads through dignity sales harms people for profit.

    For even MORE power a loopback app like Privoxy can modify pages to one’s delight beyond the ‘oversight’ of javascript packages in-page. Interweb malware is a real thing to fear. Not adblocking? it will cost you.

    Raspberry Pi FTW

  2. Ү᧐u resally make it seem so easy witһ ʏour
    presentation Ьut I find tһis topic t᧐ Ƅе really somethіng thaat I think Ι would nevеr understand.
    It seems tοo complicated and extremely broad ffor
    mе. I’m loоking forward for yoսr next post, Ӏ will try to gget
    the hang of it!

  3. Damn it, that’s it! I just started donating on patreon.

    When I first saw the banner I was on my phone I assumed it was intentional, and since it covered up like a third of the screen, I just stopped reading your site on my phone. Incidentally, the general fix worked on my desktop but not in my phone. But the site specific fix worked fine. (Firefox for Android and ublock origin mobile.)

  4. I’m glad I was able to help in some way with my comment. It was good timing on my end as I had just seen the message on my phone, and was coincidentally also testing out ublock Origin and Adblock Plus on my computer, so I was enabling and disabling them at different points. I was surprised that it seemed to be specific to ublock. As I said, I let the ads through on this site because I like what you do here and the ads are also not a bother here compared to other sites. Plus, you’ve been very responsive to issues here, including problems with ads.

    1. Huh. Any thoughts on why this doesn’t happen with auto updates? It looks like this should have been resolved 5 months ago, but I (and others) have been seeing the error message.

      You’re right though, manually updating seems to take care of it.

      1. I wish I had the answer myself because it makes no sense to me either. It is probably a bug in uBlock Origin where auto updates aren’t fully applying like they should. Very goofy behavior to say the least.

  5. Break useful events, better use:

    ##+js(no-setTimeout-if, f.parentNode.removeChild(f), 100)

  6. Hey Brad,
    Don’t forget to update the Change your data collection preferences link (here https://liliputing.com/consent). It needs to be “javascript:googlefc.callbackQueue.push(googlefc.showRevocationMessage)” for the Funding Choices thing.
    I’m having the same issue on my website, the error function is in the header stub, we could just modify it (just add a letter before or after “error”) and it wouldn’t work any more…but that could get us in trouble with Google.
    Anyway thanks for the article. It’s kind of stupid you can’t disable that message.

  7. I’m using Adblock Plus and never transitioned to checking out uBlock and I haven’t seen this message either.

      1. Brad, I’ve been visiting your site since the eeepc days. You’re a freaking champ to post an article like this. I’m guilty of running an ad blocker but I go out of my way to click on your amazon affiliate links.

        I can’t think of any other site that would write a guide to disable unwanted 3rd party ads on its own content. Like a cherry on top of a bias free cake.

        Thank you for your years of covering our favourite smallish devices.

        1. I do enjoy reading the UMPC articles here (my primary purpose to visit) but I continue to use Adblock Plus due to my fear of getting malware from ads and it does slow down sites (I use slow UMPCs).

          Although, I do donate through the PayPal link which I assume is much more money I’d be worth from an ad point of view based on when I used to have a site with Google Adsense and how often I visit this site. Sent $50 USD today. I hope you get an A1 to review. I’d definitely read it thoroughly.

          1. Thanks! The donation is very much appreciated.

            Also, I can neither confirm nor deny that a One Netbook A1 review might be in the cards…

          2. I also appreciate that the articles haven’t tried forcing “unrelated” topics into them (I hope not specifying them won’t derail this comment section). I’ve grown tired of tech sites (especially those large ones) shoehorning these in causing both the article and comment sections to be filled with drivel no matter what their opinions are on the subjects for the clicks/ad money.

            If anything, I visit this site more now than those “larger” tech sites that have seemingly abandoned reporting tech information in favor of click bait titles and questionable “tech content”. I’ll also continue to send PayPal donations. They’re not a lot individually but from an ARPU (average revenue per user) perspective, it’s higher than what most sites get from ads.

  8. Well for me I don’t see that type message. The reason for it I just use Ublock Origin for bare minimum and that is to stop tracking. I really don’t to block all ads because that means my favorite website don’t make money.

    1. I’m not saying that I’ll never intentionally implement some sort of pop-up that asks folks with ad blockers to consider disabling for this site or donating.

      But if/when I do, it’ll be something users can easily dismiss, unlike this message which is just an unintended side effect of the interaction between uBlock Origin and Google Funding Choices.

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