Zotac’s 2016 mini PC lineup includes PC stick, fanless Skylake system, and a model with 6 display ports

Zotac plans to launch a whole bunch of new mini PCs in the second quarter of 2016. That includes the company’s first PC-on-a-stick, updated smartphone-sized computers with support for dual displays, a small desktop computer with support for up to 6 displays, and a new fanless PC with a Core i5 Skylake processor. I got a […]

Zotac C Series fanless mini PCs go Skylake (and Braswell)

The Zotac ZBOX C line of computers are small, fanless desktops that can be used anywhere you want to place a computer that runs silently. They use passive cooling to keep from overheating, and they’re generally equipped with low-power processors to keep from generating too much heat in the first place. But this year Zotac […]

Zotac launches mini PCs with Intel Braswell chips

Zotac is updating its line of little desktop computers with two new models featuring Intel Braswell processors. While that means you can probably expect better graphics performance from these mini PCs, I wouldn’t necessarily expect improved CPU performance. Still, the new Zotac ZBOX BI323 and CI323 nano computers should pack enough power for basic computing […]