QNAP TVS-675 NAS (network attached storage) is powered by a Zhaoxin x86 processor

Intel and AMD aren’t the only companies making x86 processors. A Chinese organization called Zhaoxin has been designing its own x86 chips for the past few years. Up until recently those chips have only been available in computers designed for Chinese market. But now network attached storage company QNAP has introduced a NAS device powered […]

Chinese CPU maker Zhaoxin is adding discrete GPUs to its lineup

Chinese chip maker Zhaoxin has been producing x86 computer processors for the past few years, and now the company is looking to expand into the graphics processor space. As noted by CnTechPost, Zhaoxin released a video recently that included a peek at the company’s product roadmap, which includes a “standalone GPU.” The upcoming graphics processor […]