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Linux PC company ZaReason goes out of business due to COVID-19

California-based ZaReason started selling Linux computers in 2007 and for more than a decade the company remained one of a fairly small number of businesses to exclusively sell desktop and notebook computers powered by GNU/Linux software. Now ZaReason is closing up shop for good. A message posted to the company’s website notes that ZaReason “is […]

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System76 and ZaReason both sell Linux laptops with Kaby Lake Refresh chips

A few months after Intel launched its 8th-gen Core processors for laptops, there are still only a handful of Windows PCs shipping with the new quad-core processors. But what about non-Windows PCs? It turns out Linux laptop makers are already starting offer Kaby Lake Refresh CPU options. Both System76 and ZaReason are now selling some […]

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ZaReason Zini 1550 is a Linux mini desktop PC with Intel Broadwell

Linux PC retailer ZaReason has released one of its first computers with an Intel Broadwell processor. The ZaReason Zini 1550 is a tiny desktop computer which sells for $549 and up. It’s based on Intel’s NUC mini PC platform, but unlike some NUC systems, the Zini 1550 comes with memory, storage, and an operating system […]

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ZaReason ZaTab ZT2 is a $299 hackable Android tablet

Linux system builder ZaReason has introduced its second Android tablet. The new ZaReason ZaTab ZT2 is now available for $299. It has a higher-resolution display, faster processor, more RAM, and a lower price tag than last year’s model, but it’s still kind of pricey and underpowered compared with other Android tablets on the market. What […]

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ZaReason Terra HD mini-laptop with Linux reviewed

The ZaReason Terra HD is an ultraportable laptop from Linux system builders ZaReason.It sells for $449 and it’s available with a choice of Linux-based operating systems preloaded, including Ubuntu 10.10, Debian 5, or Fedora 13. Ubuntu Linux Tips & Tricks has published a detailed review of the laptop, and the reviewer seemed pretty happy with […]

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ZaReason Teo: Pine Trail netbook with an Ubuntu Linux twist

Linux system builder ZaReason appears to have launched a new Linux netbook. While there’s no information about the new Teo netbook on the ZaReason web site, you can already order one from Amazon for $460. The Teo bears a more than passing resemblance to the original MSI Wind U100 10 inch netbook, and I wouldn’t […]