The day the music dies: Google Play Music will go silent by October

Google is in the process of consolidating its music streaming services — a few months ago the company launched a tool that would allow Google Play Music users to migrate their data to YouTube Music. And now Google has announced that it will begin shutting down Google Play Music in September. That’s when the service […]

YouTube Music is getting a cloud storage locker for your personal music collection

Google currently has two music streaming services — but the company plans to eventually phase out the older Google Play Music service and shift its resources to the newer YouTube Music, which launched nearly two years ago. First, the company plans to bring some features from Google Play Music to YouTube Music — like the ability to […]

YouTube Music and Amazon Music now available for free (with ads… on smart speakers)

Google and Amazon both are both launching free, ad-supported versions of their streaming music services. And both are available exclusively on smart speakers at launch. You can now listen to YouTube Music for free if you have a Google Home or another Google Assistant-powered speaker. And Amazon Music is now free for anyone with an […]

Google (re)introduces YouTube Music and rebrands YouTube Red as YouTube Premium

YouTube is already one of the best resources for finding music, whether you’re looking for official music videos, live performances, or full albums that somebody’s uploaded with or without the publisher’s permission. But a few years ago Google decided to make it a bit easier to use YouTube as a music app, by launching YouTube […]

YouTube Music for Android, iOS turns your phone into a non-stop jukebox

YouTube is already one of the best places to find pretty much any song you’re looking for: if an artist hasn’t officially uploaded the track, odds are some user has. And in addition to official recordings there are a ton of live recordings that are either professionally recorded or captured at concerts by smartphone users. […]

YouTube Red launches Oct 28th: Ad-free YouTube for $10 per month

Love watching videos on YouTube, but hate sitting through (or waiting 5 seconds to skip) the ads? Google is launching another option. Starting October 28th, you’ll be able to pay $9.99 per month for a YouTube Red subscription. It provides access to all YouTube content on all your devices. But you’ll never see an ad […]