Your Phone app lets you drag & drop files between Samsung phones and Windows 10 PCs

Microsoft’s Your Phone app for Windows 10 lets you link your phone to a PC to view and reply to text messages, view notifications, and see photos from your camera roll on your computer, among other things. Now you can also drag and drop files between your phone and your PC — assuming you’ve got […]

Windows is losing phone screen mirroring over Bluetooth, going WiFi-only

Microsoft’s Your Phone app for Windows lets you pair a smartphone with a Windows to text or take calls from your PC, view notifications on your desktop, and transfer photos, among other things. Earlier this year the company also rolled out a feature called Phone Screen that allowed you to mirror your phone’s display on […]

Microsoft’s Your Phone app adds support for phone calls through your PC

The Microsoft “Your Phone” app for Windows 10 allows you to pair an Android phone with a Windows PC to see notifications on your desktop, view your photos on your computer, and send and receive text messages, among other things. Now Microsoft has added initial support for making phone calls through your PC. They’re routed […]

Microsoft’s Phone Screen mirrors your Android phone on a Windows 10 PC

Microsoft knows that even if you use Windows on your PC, you probably don’t use it on your phone — the company has pretty much stopped making smartphone operating systems at this point. But odds are that you do have a phone, and so Microsoft has spent the last few years developing Android and iOS apps […]