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Lilbits (2-21-2014): Amazon’s TV Box coming in March?

Amazon wanted people to buy eBooks, so it launched the Kindle line of eReaders. It wanted them to buy apps, music, and movies so it launched the Kindle Fire line of tablets. And if Amazon really wants you to use its store and services for your online video needs? Amazon might want to launch a Roku-like […]

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Lilbits (12-26-2013): Oppo’s 538 ppi smartphone

Apple introduced the world to the buzzwords “retina display” with the introduction of the iPhone 4 a few years ago. The idea was that you can’t easily spot individual pixels on a smartphone screen with more than 300 pixels per inch — and the iPhone 4 had 326 pixels per inch. For some reason that […]

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Yotaphone’s dual-screen smartphone is now available (in Europe and Russia)

Smartphone screens can be energy hogs, and they can be tough to see in direct sunlight. One solution would be to use an E Ink screen instead of a traditional LCD display — but while E Ink screens use far less power, they usually have slow screen refresh rates and don’t do a good job […]

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Yotaphone dual-screen, E Ink smartphone launches Dec 4th (in Russia)

Nothing works harder to kill your smartphone’s battery life than the display. That big, bright, full color screen sucks power like crazy, which is one reason why many modern smartphones can run for a day or two if you’re just listening to music, but die in a matter of hours when you’re surfing the web […]

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Yotaphone dual-screen phone with ePaper display to ship in 2013

The Yotaphone is a dual-screen smartphone that’s a party up front, and business on the back. At first glance, it looks like any other Android smartphone with a full color LCD display. But flip it over and there’s a second screen on the back, and this one’s an energy-sipping, sunlight readable, grayscale ePaper screen. In […]

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Yotaphone smartphone with secondary ePaper display coming in November

There are a few ways to get better battery life from a smartphone. You could stuff a huge battery in the case. Or you could use a less power-hungry display. The Yotaphone takes the latter approach — by giving you two displays. On the front of the smartphone there’s a full color touchscreen display which […]