Yota 3 dual-screen hits TENAA on way to Chinese launch

The Yota 3 is a smartphone with a full-color AMOLED display on one side and a grayscale E Ink screen on the other. It’s the third dual-screen phone from Russian company Yota Devices (which is now owned by a Hong Kong-based group), and the Yota 3 is expected to go on sale in China soon. […]

YotaPhone 3 specs leaked: Standard mid-range hardware… plus a secondary E Ink display

A few days after plans to launch a YotaPhone 3 were announced, the folks at Engadget have published some of the previously undisclosed specs. We already knew the YotaPhone 3 (also known as the Yota3, apparently) would feature a color display on one side and an E Ink screen on the other, much like the […]

Yota Devices could expand reach of dual-screen smartphones with new investment

Russian smartphone startup Yota Devices hasn’t had a lot of success bringing its dual-screen smartphones with color and E Ink displays to the US. But the company now has more money to play with, which could help Yota bring its next-gen Yotaphone to more markets. A Hong Kong-based investment company has agreed to acquire nearly 65% of […]