12 inch Lenovo Yoga Book tablet with touch keyboard coming soon for $300?

Lenovo’s Yoga Book was one of the most unusual laptops to launch in 2016. The 1.5 pound computer features a 10 inch touchscreen display and a 360 degree hinge that allows you to hold the machine like a notebook or a tablet. But instead of a physical keyboard, it has pressure-sensitive Wacom graphics tablet/digitizer that […]

Lenovo’s quirky Yoga Book now available for $499 and up

After going up for pre-order a month ago, the Lenovo Yoga Book is now shipping to customers. The portable computer has a 10 inch touchscreen display and a 360 degree hinge, like other members of the Lenovo Yoga line of products. But what’s on the other end of that hinge is what makes the Yoga Book […]

Lenovo Yoga Book up for pre-order for $500 and up

Lenovo’s Yoga Book convertible laptops are some of the strangest personal computers unveiled this year. First introduced at IFA in Berlin a few weeks ago, this laptop with a Wacom digitizer where you’d normally find a keyboard is now available for pre-order in the United States. A Lenovo Yoga Book with Android is priced at $500, […]

Lenovo Yoga Book has multi-purpose touch surface instead of physical keyboard

Lenovo has been offering convertible notebooks under its Yoga brand for a few years. Thanks to a 360 degree hinge and touchscreen display, you can fold the screen all the way back and use a Yoga PC like a tablet. But the new 10.1 inch Lenovo Yoga Book takes things even further. Instead of a physical […]

Lenovo Yoga Book convertible notebook leaked (again)

The Lenovo Yoga Book is a small convertible notebook that measures  about 0.38 inches thick, features a 360 degree hinge that lets you fold the touchscreen display back for use in tablet mode, and a battery that Lenovo says is good for up to 15 hours of run time. Lenovo hasn’t officially announced the Yoga […]