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Lilbits 301: Nintendo Wii games on the NVIDIA Shield Android game console

There’s been rumors that Nintendo’s next game console could have an Android-based operating system, although that’s something the company has denied. But that doesn’t mean you can’t play Nintendo games on an Android device. A few years ago the developers of the Dolphin GameCube and Wii emulator released the first build of Dolphin for Android. […]

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Lilbits (12-18-2013): Dolphin Zero emphasizes private browsing

Over the past few years, private browsing or “incognito mode” has become a standard feature in most web browsers. It lets you surf the web without saving your history or passwords and can come in handy in a few different situations. Want to use someone else’s phone, tablet or PC to check your email without […]

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Google’s former AOSP maintainer Jean-Baptiste Quéru join’s Yahoo

Jean-Baptiste Quéru is a software engineer who up until recently was one of the most visible faces of Google’s Android Open Source Project. But after a few frustrations too many, Quéru announced in August that he planned to leave the project. Now we know where he’s landed. Quéru started a new job at Yahoo this week. Quéru […]

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Lilbits (6-05-2013): Samsung’s rugged Galaxy S4, Yahoo’s new look

News from this week’s Computex show in Taiwan is starting to wind down. But tech news never sleeps… and today’s news roundup includes tips on adding a wireless charging component to a cheap tablet, turning a Raspberry Pi into a retro gaming cabinet, and a new project to build a smartphone using more ethical resources. […]

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Lilbits (5-20-2013): 1TB of Flickr photo storage for free

Google’s not the only company offering new photo features to users. Yahoo is overhauling Flickr with a major update today, including up to 1TB of free photo storage for all users. Here are some of the top news stories from around the web today. Yahoo revamps Flickr, 1TB of free photo storage for everyone Yahoo […]

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Lilbits (4-19-2013): Yahoo’s upcoming is downgoing

Google has been shutting down services that aren’t widely used or which don’t match with the company’s current direction for the past few years. That’s how we lost Google Knol, Google Notebook, and Android App Inventor. And it’s why Google Reader is shutting down this summer. Now Yahoo seems to be following suit by announcing […]

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Yahoo launches Axis search tool for desktop, browser for mobile

Yahoo has launched a new web search tool called Axis. It lets you view search results instantly as you type, with thumbnail previews of web pages appearing next to the search box. Axis can also synchronize your browser bookmarks and search history between devices, even allowing you to pick up browsing on a mobile device […]