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Yahoo Mobile is shutting down its wireless service just over a year after launch

Last year Yahoo and its parent company Verizon launched a low-cost wireless service called Yahoo Mobile. Pay $40 per month and you’d get unlimited cellular data (at speeds up to 12 Mbps) plus a free Yahoo Mail Pro subscription. Now, just 15 months after launching, Yahoo Mobile is shutting down. According to Yahoo Mobile, the […]

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Mozilla and Yahoo sue each other over Firefox default search deal

Last month Mozilla announced that it was changing the default search engine for its Firefox web browser from Yahoo to Google. Actually, the organization announced it was changing the search engine back to Google, because that’s what it had been until Mozilla signed a deal with Yahoo in 2014 to make Yahoo the default. When Mozilla […]

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Verizon makes an Oath (after closing $4.5 billion Yahoo purchase)

Verizon’s acquisition of Yahoo closed today, which means that the company best known as a wireless carrier and TV and internet service provider is also now the proud owner of two of the internet’s biggest names (from the year 2000): AOL and Yahoo. Now that AOL and Yahoo are under the same roof, Verizon plans […]

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What’s left of Yahoo after Verizon acquisition will be rebranded as Altaba

Last summer Verizon announced plans to acquire Yahoo’s web business for nearly $5 billion. But while that means Verizon will take over some of the things Yahoo is best known for (including its web portal, email service, and apps), there are some parts of the company that Verizon is not buying. Now Yahoo has released […]

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Yahoo: Account details for 500 million users was stolen in 2014

Have a Yahoo account? Now might be a good time to change your password. The company has confirmed that account information for “at least 500 million user accounts” was stolen in late 2014. Yahoo believes this was the result of a state-sponsored action, and that compromised data could include names, email address, hashed passwords, phone […]

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Hulu is going subscription-only, will end ad-supported video streaming

There’s good news and bad news for folks that use online video service Hulu to catch up on the latest episodes of TV shows without paying a penny. The bad news is that the company is ending its free, ad-supported video streaming service and pushing its subscription plans (starting at $7.99 per month). The good […]

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Verizon to acquire Yahoo’s web business for $4.8 billion

There were rumors floating around last year that AOL and Yahoo were considering a merger. Then Verizon went and bought AOL for $4.4 billion instead. Now it looks like AOL and Yahoo will be under one roof after all, because Verizon is spending $4.8 billion to acquire most of Yahoo’s business. Basically Verizon will handle […]

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Lilbits 301: Nintendo Wii games on the NVIDIA Shield Android game console

There’s been rumors that Nintendo’s next game console could have an Android-based operating system, although that’s something the company has denied. But that doesn’t mean you can’t play Nintendo games on an Android device. A few years ago the developers of the Dolphin GameCube and Wii emulator released the first build of Dolphin for Android. […]