Porsche Design Ultra is a thin, light, fanless (and expensive) 15.6 inch laptop

Porsche automobiles are known for their premium design… and price tags. And so are Porsche Design electronics. In addition to partnering with Huawei to offer pricey versions of the Chinese phone makers flagship phones, Porsche Design launched a $2500 2-in-1 notebook a few years ago. Now the company is back with the Porsche Design Ultra One, […]

Kaby Lake is here: Intel launches 7th-gen Core chips for laptops and 2-in-1 tablets

Intel began shipping 7th-gen Core chips to device makers this summer, and now the company is finally ready to explain what makes the new processors tick. The company is launching new 4.5 watt and 15 watt, dual-core chips based on “Kaby Lake” architecture. They’re expected to show up in laptops, 2-in-1 tablets, and low-power desktops […]

Leaked Intel Kaby Lake, Apollo Lake details suggest confusing names for next-gen low-power chips

Intel doesn’t have a great track record of giving its processors names that are easy to understand. Theoretically you should be able to look at the name and have a rough idea of the price and performance you should expect from a processor, but in recent years the waters have been kind of muddy: some […]