Closer look at the 7 and 10 inch XO tablets (and accessories)

OLPC and Vivitar are getting ready to launch their second-generation XO tablets for students. Last year the companies introduced their first Android-powered tablet with a custom user interface emphasizing educational software. The new models feature similar software, but it’s now based on Android 4.4 KitKat. The bigger changes are in the hardware. XO tablets now […]

OLPC and Vivitar unveil new XO Tablets with 7, 10 inch screens

One Laptop Per Child and its partner Vivitar launched their first Android tablet last year. Now they’re following up with two new models, sporting 7 and 10 inch displays. Both are aimed at students, and feature educational software durable design and a kid-friendly user interface as well as access to the Google Play Store and […]

OLPC XO-4 tablet hits the FCC

The OLPC XO-4 is a notebook which converts into a tablet when you twist the screen. It has a rugged, dust-resistant case, a display that’s designed to be readable outdoors, and a low power processor. Like earlier XO laptops, the XO-4 is designed to be used by students in developing nations. But the touchscreen is […]

Hands-on with the XO Tablet (cheap, but uninspiring)

The XO Tablet is a new 7 inch tablet that the One Laptop Per Child Foundation hopes to sell this year for around $200. While it runs educational software designed by OLPC, it doesn’t have the same kind of rugged design as the XO Laptop. Instead, it appears to be a cheap tablet with a […]

OLPC’s next tablet runs Google Android (with a custom UI)

The One Laptop Per Child foundation may have dropped plans to release a Linux-based tablet running Sugar OS last year. But the company’s not done with the tablet space. The new XO-4 laptop features a touchscreen display, which lets you use the rugged, low power Linux laptop in tablet mode. And the foundation is also […]

OLPC XO-4 Touch convertible tablet for students to launch in early 2013

The OLPC project may have started off as a non-profit initiative to develop inexpensive computers and distribute “One Laptop Per Child” to developing nations around the world. But over the past few years the group has also branched out into durable, low power tablets. Now OLPC is bringing the two projects together with the XO-4 […]