Xtra Ordinary software turns an OLPC XO Laptop into a standard notebook

The One Laptop Per Child XO Laptop is a unique device for a number of reasons. Cosmetically, the XO is unlike any other laptop, since it’s made to be a durable machine for use in classrooms in developing nations. It’s rugged, features a sunlight readable display, a tablet mode, and twist-up WiFi antennae. But it’s […]

Negroponte: Sugar OS was OLPC’s biggest mistake

The netbook revolution has its roots in the One Laptop Per Child project. OLPC founder Nicholas Negroponte envisioned getting cheap, educational, and open source laptops into the hands of millions of children around the world. Things haven’t really worked out that way. Four years after the project begun, only 900,000 OLPC XO Laptops have been […]

Eee PC trumps OLPC for use in developing nations in slightly biased test

The OLPC XO Laptop was designed for use in developing nations. The computer gets excellent battery life, which makes it ideal for use in locations with limited access to electricity. And it has a unique interface designed to make the laptops simple to use for children that have had little to no exposure to computers. […]