XO-Infinity is a modular laptop for students, picks up where OLPC left off

The One Laptop Per Child project introduced the idea of small, low-cost, low-power durable laptops that could be used by students around the world, with a special focus on developing markets. The first XO Laptop units shipped in 2007, and over the next few years the developers improved the hardware and software… and inspired the […]

OLPC XO-4 tablet hits the FCC

The OLPC XO-4 is a notebook which converts into a tablet when you twist the screen. It has a rugged, dust-resistant case, a display that’s designed to be readable outdoors, and a low power processor. Like earlier XO laptops, the XO-4 is designed to be used by students in developing nations. But the touchscreen is […]

OLPC XO-4 Touch convertible tablet for students to launch in early 2013

The OLPC project may have started off as a non-profit initiative to develop inexpensive computers and distribute “One Laptop Per Child” to developing nations around the world. But over the past few years the group has also branched out into durable, low power tablets. Now OLPC is bringing the two projects together with the XO-4 […]

OLPC to parachute computers into remote villages… literally

OLPC founder Nicholas Negroponte’s next big idea sounds crazy… and that’s probably because it is. PC Magazine reports he wants to airdrop cheap tablet computers into remote villages without providing any instructions, teachers, or other forms of support. But developing an inexpensive durable, ultraportable laptop that could be used in the developing world seemed like […]

OLPC XO Laptop with normal looking keyboard spotted in the wild

One of the defining characteristics of the OLPC XO Laptop is the little computer’s distinctive green plastic design, which extends to the keyboard which has a membrane-style keyboard that’s resistant to spills and dust. But if you’ve ever actually tried using an XO Laptop, you may find the keyboard take s a little getting used […]

Pixel Qi display looks better outdoors than the original XO Laptop screen

Before starting Pixel Qi, Mary Lou Jepsen worked on the OLPC XO Laptop and helped design the cheap mini-laptop’s outdoor readable display. But that was a few years ago. Flash forward to 2010 and Pixel Qi has finally started producing and selling its new 3qi display which functions both as a full color screen indoors, […]