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Lilbits: Xiaomi Box 4K (2nd-gen) leaked, Pico 4 VR headset could be a Meta Quest 2 killer (but probably not)

Chinese electronics company Xiaomi is a giant in select markets including China and India, but the company has a more limited presence in United States, where Xiaomi doesn’t sell phones. But Xiaomi does sell media streamers and a handful of other devices in the US. So there’s a chance that the new 2nd-gen Xiaomi Box […]

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$64 Xiaomi box is like a Google TV device… for China

Chinese device maker Xiaomi plans to launch an Android-powered set-top-box in December. It’s basically a device with the guts of an Android phone, which you can plug into your TV to watch videos, play games, or run other Android apps. Xiaomi will charge about $64 for the device, and there’s a limited-time offer where existing […]