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Lilbits: Apple is building a virtual world for its upcoming headset, more Pixel 7a leaks, and Xfce on a Linux phone

Meta’s Horizon Worlds may be the butt of many jokes these days due to disappointing graphics, a small user base, and not much you can actually do in the company’s VR meeting place. But Meta isn’t the only company that seems to think a virtual world could be key to the success of virtual reality. […]

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Linux smartphone news roundup: Xfce for phones, browser and camera updates, and more

There’s a new Linux distribution for smartphones that’s the first I’m aware of to be based on the Xfce desktop environment, but while the first pre-release builds of ExpidusOS for the PinePhone are now available for download, there’s still a lot of work to be done to make it into a usable operating system. It […]

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Lilbits: Ubuntu, Plasma Mobile, Snapdragon 888 dev kit, and VLC’s birthday

The first smartphones powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888 processor are starting to arrive. And so are developer kits like the Lantronix Snapdragon 888 Mobile HDK. Meanwhile details about the next gaming smartphone from Asus continue to leak, the creators of the popular VLC media player app celebrate the 20th anniversary of VideoLAN, and we’ve got […]

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How to run Ubuntu, Android, other operating systems on the Chromebook Pixel

The Chromebook Pixel is the best Chrome OS laptop money can buy — but at $1299 and up you’ll need a fair bit of money to buy one. That’s a lot of money to spend on a laptop that runs a browser-based operating system, but it turns out the Pixel isn’t limited to just running […]