Razer’s first keyboard and mouse for the Xbox One cost $250

Microsoft’s Xbox One game console already runs a modified version of Windows 10. Now it’s getting more PC-like than ever. Earlier this year Microsoft started enabling mouse and keyboard support for a select group of users. And now we’re starting to see keyboard and mouse accessories designed specifically for the Xbox One. Gaming hardware company […]

The slow death of the disc drive continues (next Xbox One may not have one)

Readers of a certain age probably amassed a significant collection of CDs, DVDs, and maybe even Blu-ray discs in the days before digital downloads largely took over (and vinyl made a somewhat comeback). These days you don’t see a lot of CD or DVD players at electronics stores. And it’s becoming more and more rare […]

Kodi media center now available for the Xbox One (coming full circle)

Kodi is a popular, open source application that turns a PC, an Android device, or many other gadgets into a full fledged media center with a TV-friendly user interface for accessing music, movies, photos, and more. It got its start many years ago as a project designed to turn the original Xbox game console into […]

Xbox One games coming to VR with Oculus Rift (and game streaming)

The Oculus Rift virtual reality headset lets you play virtual reality games for PC… but what if you want to play Xbox console games? Starting December 12th, you’ll be able to do that… sort of. While you won’t be able to plug a Rift into an Xbox, you will be able to stream Xbox One games […]

Microsoft’s rumored $99 Xbox media streamer allegedly scrapped

Earlier this year a series of leaks suggested that Microsoft was working on a series of new Xbox products including a more powerful version of the Xbox One game console and a set of Xbox-branded media streamers. In June the company did introduce a $299 Xbox One S game console and tease an upcoming high-powered device called […]

Xbox One S leaked: It’s smaller, supports 4K and more storage

Microsoft is holding a press event at the E3 gaming conference tomorrow, and rumor has it that the company could launch a new line of Xbox TV media streamers and some other products. But one new product seems to have leaked a little early. According to images shared by members of the NeoGAF forum, it looks […]

Xbox One isn’t gaining DVR functions after all (or at least not in 2016)

It’s been almost a year since Microsoft announced plans to bring support for recording live TV broadcasts to its Xbox One game console. At the time, Microsoft said the feature would be arriving sometime in 2016. Well, we’re about halfway through the year and DVR functionality is nowhere to be seen… and now it seems […]