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Nightly builds of XBMC media center for Android

The developers of the popular open source XBMC media center application have started porting the software to run on Google Android. The app isn’t available from the Google Play Store yet, but the source code is available — and that’s led some folks to compile it and create installable pre-release versions of XBMC for Android. […]

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XBMC will turn the $99 Ouya gaming console into a media center

The Ouya is a $99 video game console with an NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor, 1GB of RAM, 8GB of storage, WiFi, Bluetooth, and USB ports. It runs Google Android 4.0, comes with a wireless game controller, and it’s designed as a low cost platform for playing Android games on a big screen TV. But […]

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Allwinner offers support for XBMC media center for MK802, Mele A1000, other inexpensive Android devices

Update: This project may be dead in the water. See below.  The Allwinner A10 is a low power ARM Cortex-A8 processor with Mali 400 graphics. It’s used in a number of inexpensive Android tablets, including most of Coby’s latest devices. But it’s also a popular chip for Android-powered set-top-boxes (or mini PCs) such as the […]

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Use your phone as an XBMC remote control for the MK802 Mini PC

The MK802 is a tiny PC-on-a-stick with an Allwinner A10 ARM Cortex-A8 processor, Mali 400 graphics, up to 1GB of RAM, and 4GB of storage. It ships with Android 4.0 software, but it can also run a number of other Linux-based operating systems including Ubuntu. A lot of folks have expressed interest in using the […]

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XBMC Media Center coming to Android, early build already available

XBMC is one of the most popular media center apps available Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. And soon it will be available for Android as well. The team has released the source code for a pre-release version of XBMC for Android, and a downloadable, installable package for folks that don’t want to compile it from […]

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Raspbmc will turn the $35 Raspberry Pi into an XBMC Media Center

Looking for a small, cheap, low-power media center for your living room? Soon you may be able to pick up a $35 Raspberry Pi computer and install a custom version of the popular XBMC media center application with minimal fuss. The Raspberry Pi is a tiny computer with an ARM-based processor designed for educational institutions, […]

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Raspberry Pi could (almost) be a $35 media center PC – video

The Raspberry Pi is an inexpensive computer a low-power ARM-based processor and virtually everything you need to run a Linux-based operating system on a system board that’s around the size of a pack of cards. Oh yeah, and the goal is to eventually sell it for as little as $25. While the developers behind the […]