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Microsoft kills Windows Bridge for Android, still wants developers to port apps

In 2015 Microsoft unveiled four new tools to help developer ports their existing apps to the Windows 10 Universal App platform. One of those platforms has been delayed, two are already live, and one… is dead. Microsoft now says it will not release the previously planned Windows Bridge for Android. But the company would still […]

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What a little Moonlight can’t do: Open source Silverlight clone is dead

Moonlight is a open source version of Microsoft Silverlight platform… from the same folks that brought us Mono, an open source version of Microsoft’s .NET platform. But while Mono is still under active development, the founder of the project has confirmed that Moonlight is essentially dead in the water. Silverlight is a web technology similar […]

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Android without Java: Xamarin ports Google’s OS to run on C#

Google and Oracle are duking it out in court over the question of whether Google had the rights to use Java as a basis for the Android operating system. Meanwhile the developers at Xamarin have shown that Android doesn’t need to run on Java at all. They’ve taken the source code for Android and modified it […]