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QNAP TVS-675 NAS (network attached storage) is powered by a Zhaoxin x86 processor

Intel and AMD aren’t the only companies making x86 processors. A Chinese organization called Zhaoxin has been designing its own x86 chips for the past few years. Up until recently those chips have only been available in computers designed for Chinese market. But now network attached storage company QNAP has introduced a NAS device powered […]

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Mobian begins porting its Debian-based OS to more smartphones and tablets

Mobian is a mobile Linux distribution based on Debian. Designed to run on phones and tablets compatible with mainline Linux kernels, the operating system originally supported just three devices: the PinePhone, Librem 5, and PineTab. But now the team has announced initial support for a few more devices: the OnePlus 6, OnePlus 6T, Pocophone F1 […]

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Stupid Lumia 950XL tricks: Now you can run AutoCAD on this obsolete phone

The Microsoft Lumia 950 XL was the most powerful smartphone to ship with Windows 10 Mobile when it was released in 2015. But it was also one of the last phones Microsoft ever shipped with the operating system. The Lumia 950 XL has had a interesting afterlife though – now that Windows 10 on ARM […]

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This mini PC is powered by a Zhaoxin x86 processor

Chinese networking company Ruijie Networks has unveiled a mini desktop computer that looks like a slightly chunky Intel NUC… but it’s not powered by an Intel processor (or an AMD one). Instead, the RG-CT7800 mini PC houses a Zhaoxin KX-U6780A processor. That’s a recently released x86 chip, which means it should be compatible with most […]

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Intel Core i7-8086K is a 5 GHz Coffee Lake chip (for desktops)

It’s been 40 years since Intel released one of its most famous processors: the 8086. Now the company is marking the anniversary by reviving the name for one of its most powerful chips to date. The Intel Core i7-8086K Limited Edition will be available starting June 8th, 4 decades to the day after the original […]

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Intel makes not-so-subtle threat to Qualcomm and Microsoft over plans to emulate x86 tech for ARM chips

Microsoft plans to release a new version of Windows 10 that runs on devices with ARM-based chips from Qualcomm. Unlike earlier versions of Windows-on-ARM, the new operating system will include an emulation layer that lets you run Win32 apps, which means that millions of programs which couldn’t run on Windows RT (or Windows 10 Mobile, […]

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Qualcomm and Microsoft: ARM chips will support desktop Windows software in 2017

Soon you may be able to run desktop Windows software on devices with ARM-based processors. Rumors had suggested that Microsoft was working to add support for ARM chips to future versions of Windows 10 by making it possible for 64-bit ARM processors to emulate x86 chip architecture. Now Qualcomm has confirmed that this is true, […]

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Rumor: Windows 10 will add x86 emulation on ARM64 chips in late 2017

One of the best reasons to consider a Windows smartphone like the Lumia 950 or HP Elite x3 is the Continuum for Phone feature, which allows you to connect a keyboard, mouse, and display and use your phone like a desktop PC. But right now there’s one major problem: you can’t run Windows programs developed […]

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ExaGear Desktop lets you run x86 apps on a Raspberry Pi (or other ARM-based devices)

Eltech launched an application called ExaGear Desktop last year, offering the ability to run¬†software developed for x86 chips on computers with ARMv7 processors. That means you can run x86 apps on a Raspberry Pi 2. Now ExaGear Desktop can also work on chips featuring older ARMv6 architecture, which means the software now supports the first-gen¬†Raspberry […]

Posted inNews Haswell-powered gaming PC dual boots Android, Ubuntu

Sure, the graphics capabilities of ARM-based chips keep getting better. But have you ever wished you could run Android games on a computer with desktop-class graphics? Yeah me neither — there’s not really much point, since those games were designed for ARM-based devices. But that’s not stopping the maker of the gaming system from […]

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More small PC boards with x86 processors for $75 or less

Inexpensive mini computers with ARM-based chips have gotten a lot of attention this year. But if you’re willing to spend a few dollars more you can get a much more powerful and versatile system with an x86 processor. Recently we took a look at the Asus C60M1-I mini-ITX motherboard with an AMD C-60 dual core […]