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Motorola Moto X flagship Android phone coming by October 2013

Motorola has confirmed that it’s working on an “X Phone.” The company’s next flagship Android smartphone will be called the Moto X, and it’s the first major phone Motorola started working after the company was acquired by Google. In other words, every Motorola device we’ve seen since the company became a subsidiary of Google so […]

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Motorola XT1058 hits the FCC: Could this be the X Fon?

It’s been about a year since Google acquired Motorola, which means that pretty much every Motorola phone that’s been released since the acquisition was already in the works before Google got involved. Research, development, and production take time. But that could change this year, and there’ve rumors of an upcoming Google-influenced Motorola device called the […]

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Lilbits (5-02-2013): Is this the Motorola X Phone?

Ever since Google acquired Motorola, there have been rumors about the cool new phones we should expect. While the last few devices from Motorola have had their charms (such as extraordinary battery life or super-thin bezels), they were all in development before Google bought the company. But now the Google-owned Motorola is working next-gen hardware, […]