Wine on Windows lets you run Windows apps… on Windows (through Windows Subsystem for Linux)

Wine is a compatibility layer that makes it possible to run some Windows applications on non-Windows operating systems including Linux and macOS. So naturally some folks have been trying for years to see if they could run Wine on Windows for no particularly good reason. Up until recently it hasn’t really been possible. Now it […]

Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 debuts with Windows 10 preview build 181917

The Windows Subsystem for Linux lets you run command line Linux tools in Windows 10 by installing a full Linux system that can run alongside Windows. In May Microsoft announced that a major update to the Windows Subsystem for Linux was on the way, and now the first preview of WSL 2 is available. It’s baked […]

Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 is faster, supports more apps

Along with a new Terminal app for interacting with command line tools, Microsoft is previewing a major update for its Windows Subsystem for Linux. The new version is called WSL 2, and Microsoft says it brings significant file system speed improvements, with some operations running up to 20 times faster. WSL 2 also brings full […]

Windows Subsystem for Linux update will let you access Linux file from Windows

One of the most surprising things about Windows 10 is that you have the option of enabling a Windows Subsystem for Linux, installing a Linux distribution such as Ubuntu, and then running Linux commands in a Bash shell. The feature has been around in one form or another since early 2016, but Microsoft keeps fine-tuning […]

Windows on ARM is getting 64-bit app support… and a Linux subsystem

The first Windows 10 PCs with ARM devices started shipping recently, and they really do run a version of Windows that looks nearly identical to what you’d see on a computer with an Intel or AMD processor. The only catch is limited app support. Today you can use Windows on ARM to run 32-bit applications […]

Microsoft makes porting Linux distros to Windows Subsystem for Linux easier

We live in strange times, when it’s possible to install a Linux distribution like Ubuntu or Debian as if they were Windows applications. While it’s not unusual to run one operating system within another using virtualization, what makes Windows 10 weird is that its Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) doesn’t require virtualization: you install your […]

Debian Linux is now available in the Microsoft Store, runs on Windows 10

Linux-based operating systems like Ubuntu and Debian may be standalone operating systems. But thanks to an optional Windows 10 feature called Windows Subsystem for Linux, it’s been possible to install them and run them from within a Windows environment without rebooting and without installing a virtual machine. Out of the box, all you get is […]

Kali Linux hits the Microsoft Store (for Windows Subsystem on Linux)

It still feels weird writing that a Linux distribution is something you can download and install from the Microsoft Store. But it’s been true for a while now. Windows 10 has an optional feature called the Windows Subsystem for Linux that lets you load a command-line Linux operating system that runs inside of Windows, allowing […]

Now you can run Linux on Windows 10 without developer mode

One of the more surprising (and geeky) features Microsoft introduced with the launch of Windows 10 was something called Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). Basically, it’s a tool that lets you run a Linux-based operating system such as Ubuntu within Windows. Up until now the only way to do that was to enable Developer Mode from […]

Not all Windows Store apps will run on Windows 10 S (No Linux distros, for example)

Windows 10 S is a streamlined version of Microsoft’s desktop operating system that, among other things, can only run apps downloaded from the Windows Store. That makes Windows 10 S faster and more secure than Windows 10 Home or Pro in some situations, but it also means you may have trouble installing drivers for third-party […]