ReMarkable’s writing tablet is real, and it’s coming this summer/fall (probably)

It’s been over half a year since ReMarkable started taking pre-orders for its 10.3 inch writing slate with an E Ink display and support for pen input. The company says the first units are expected to ship in August and October, with pre-orders placed today shipping in October. But the bigger news is that ReMarKable […]

Good e-Reader’s 13.3 inch reading tablet actually started shipping this year

Last year blogger Michael Kozlowski of Good e-Reader decided to launch the “ultimate” eReader by starting a crowdfunding campaign for a 13.3 inch E Ink device with a high-resolution display, pen and finger touchscreen input, and Google Android software. Like a lot of people, I was kind of skeptical, of the endeavor, which is why I didn’t […]

ReMarkable 10.3 inch writing slate goes up for pre-order for $379

Some tablets have big screens, while others are small. Some are designed for work, while others are made for gaming and media consumption. And there are a lot of jack-of-all-trades models. But reMarkable is something different. It’s a 10.3 inch slate with an E Ink display, a touchscreen display, and pressure sensitive pen capable of […]