a-XP portable Threadripper Workstation PC (that costs $8000 and weighs 23 pounds)

Sometimes you need more computing power than a thin and light laptop can provide, and that’s where mobile workstations come into play. But for the most part, computers in that category are still just laptops with a little extra horsepower. The MediaWorkstations a-XP portable Threadripper Workstation PC is decidedly not a laptop. It’s technically portable […]

Lenovo now offers Linux on all of its workstation PCs (desktop and laptop)

After years of offering Linux as an option for some of its workstation computers, Lenovo has announced that starting later this month all of its ThinkStation desktop and ThinkPad P Series laptops will be available with a choice of Windows, Ubuntu LTS, or Red Hat Enterprise Linux. To be clear, there was nothing stopping customers […]

Dell’s new web page makes finding Linux laptops and desktops easier

Dell currently offers 11 laptops and 6 desktop computers with Ubuntu and Linux. But up until recently actually finding those options on the Dell website could be a bit of a hassle. Now rather than hunting through configuration options to find out if Ubuntu is an option, you can just visit Dell.com/Linux to see the […]

Zotac’s new ZBOX Q series mini PCs pack Intel Xeon chips, NVIDIA Quadro graphics

Zotac’s ZBOX line of compact computers pack the guts of a desktop computer into a relatively small space… although some spaces are smaller than others. The new Zotac ZBOX Q family of desktops measure about 8.9″ x 8″ x 5″. That makes them pretty small compared to a typical desktop tower PC, but pretty big […]

Asus unveils ProArt PA90 mini workstation with 9th-gen Intel Core chips

After launching a compact workstation PC called the Asus ProArt PA90 last year, Asus is back with a new model with souped-up specs. The new Asus Mini PC ProArt PA90 is a desktop tower that actually looks more like a tower than most computers: it’s significantly taller than it is wide, giving it a relatively […]

HP updates its Z line of entry-level workstations with Xeon E options (and more)

HP is updating its line of entry-level workstation computes with four new models, including the HP Z2 Tower, HP Z2 Small Form Factor, and HP Z2 Mini, along with the EliteDesk 800 Workstation Edition. The smallest of the bunch is the HP Z2 Mini G4, which is an update to the Z2 Mini Workstation that […]

Lilbits 319: Chrome gets more secure, uses more RAM

Google’s Chrome web browser has always been something of a memory hog, which is to be expected from an application that runs a new process for each browser tab. Now Google has introduced something called “site isolation,” which means that not only does each tab have its own process, but each process can also now […]

Intel’s new Xeon E series chips are for entry-level workstations

Intel is launching a new line of Xeon E processors designed for desktop workstation computers. The company says the new chips offer up to a 36 percent performance boost over previous-gen chips, or a 73 percent boost over an equivalent chip from 4 years ago… which is probably a more appropriate spec for companies that […]