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Now you can install Windows on the Microsoft Surface Duo dual-screen smartphone

It’s been a few years since Microsoft stopped developing Windows-based operating systems for smartphones and ended support for existing devices that shipped with Windows 10 Mobile. But if you want to run Windows on a Microsoft-made smartphone, now you can. You just can’t do much with it yet. The Microsoft Surface Duo is a dual-screen […]

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Of course Windows 11 has been ported to the Lumia 950 XL smartphone (Updated)

Microsoft is holding an event on June 24 to unveil the future of Windows… but the future is already here for some folks thanks to a leaked Windows 11 build that’s been floating around the internet for the past few days. Some folks have already installed it on PCs or in virtual machines. But at […]

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You can install Android 12 on a Microsoft Lumia 950 XL (but you probably don’t want to… yet)

The Microsoft Lumia 950 XL was released in 2015 as one of Microsoft’s last smartphones to ship with Windows 10 Mobile software. These days Microsoft is focusing its mobile efforts on Android (by releasing apps for Android phones as well as its own Android-powered phone). Meanwhile, hackers have been focusing on how to load other […]

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Stupid Lumia 950XL tricks: Now you can run AutoCAD on this obsolete phone

The Microsoft Lumia 950 XL was the most powerful smartphone to ship with Windows 10 Mobile when it was released in 2015. But it was also one of the last phones Microsoft ever shipped with the operating system. The Lumia 950 XL has had a interesting afterlife though – now that Windows 10 on ARM […]

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Hacker brings dual-display support to a Lumia 950 XL running Windows 10

Microsoft’s first new smartphone in years is the dual-screen Surface Duo which will ship with Android software. But while Microsoft has given up on developing Windows for smartphones, a small group of hackers have been keeping the dream alive by doing crazy things like porting the full Windows 10 desktop operating system to run on […]

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No Flash plugin for Windows 8 on ARM: Another nail in the Flash coffin?

Adobe has stopped developing Flash Player for Google Android and BlackBerry Tablet OS. The new Google Chrome web browser for Android doesn’t support the current version of Flash. Apple has never supported Flash for the iPhone or iPad. And now it looks like Microsoft is following suit: Internet Explorer for Windows 8 on ARM won’t support […]