Withings returns to wearables with the Steel HR Sport hybrid smartwatch

French company Withings used to make a line of fitness trackers and health-related devices, before dipping its toes in the smartwatch space with a line of wristwatches that had activity-tracking features and support for displaying smartphone notifications. Then Withings was acquired by Nokia… which didn’t really do all that much with the company’s assets. Earlier […]

Withings is returning to the wearable space (after a brief stint as Nokia Health)

As expected, Nokia has sold its digital health business. And as expected, the buyer is the guy who’s company basically became Nokia Health after he originally sold it to Nokia. Withings president and co-founder Eric Carreel has announced that he’s bought back Nokia’s “connected health business” and plans to revive the Withings brand by the […]

Nokia wants to sell its Digital Health business… back to the guy they bought it from

Nokia largely got out of the consumer tech space when the company sold its phone business to Microsoft a number of years ago. All those new Nokia-branded phones that have been popping up lately? They’re actually made by HMD, which licenses the name from Nokia. But Nokia does still sell a handful of digital health […]

Nokia to acquire fitness/wearable maker Withings

Nokia may not be ready to re-enter the smartphone business (yet), but the company is apparently looking to make a play for consumer-oriented fitness, wearables, and internet-of-things products. The company has announced plans to acquire Withings for 170 million Euros (about $192 million). Withings is a French company that makes products including fitness trackers, watches […]

Withings Go is a $70 fitness tracker with an E Ink display

The latest activity tracker from Withings is a small clip-on device with an always-on E Ink display. You can attach the Withings Go to your belt or clothing and it will monitor your steps, distance, Sleep tracking, and other activities throughout the day. Since the 1.1 inch circular E Ink display is always on, you can […]

Wearables: Withings, Omate, Polar launch new smartwatches, fitness trackers

Just in case you weren’t sure wearable would be ubiquitous at CES this year, three companies unveiled new smartwatches and fitness trackers just hours ahead of the official start of the show. Polar has a new fitness tracking watch, Withings has a cheaper alternative to the stylish Activité watch/activity tracker, and Omate is adding two new watches […]

Withings Activité hides a fitness tracker behind a Swiss watch

Withings offers a line of connected health and fitness products including the Withings Pulse O2 activity tracker, a line of wireless scales, a blood pressure monitor, and a sleep monitor. The company’s next product is a designer watch… that also happens to be an activity tracker. The Withings Activité is a Swiss watch that monitors your physical activity […]