Powermat jumps on the Qi wireless charging bandwagon

VHS vs Betamax. Blu-ray vs HD-DVD. TiVo vs ReplayTV. As is often the case, when a new technology arises, there are often competing standards at first. But the market can’t always support two standards, because customers want to just be able to buy a product and know that it’ll work with all their existing accessories […]

Apple joins Wireless Power Consortium, may add wireless charging to iPhones

Rumor has it that Apple’s next-gen iPhones could support wireless charging. Now 9to5Mac has spotted something that adds a little fuel to that fire: Apple has joined the Wireless Power Consortium. That’s the organization that promotes the Qi wireless charging standard used in many phones and other gadgets. Apple isn’t confirming whether the move means […]

Qi Wireless chargers to support faster charging

Wireless chargers may be convenient, but they’re not super-fast. It usually takes a little longer to fully charge the battery in your phone or tablet when you place it on a wireless charging pad than it does when you actually plug in a power cable. But that could change now that the Wireless Power Consortium […]

New Qi wireless charging tech means your phone doesn’t have to touch the charger

The Wireless Power Consortium is adding support for resonant charging to its wireless charging technology. That means that your phone, tablet, or other device doesn’t actually have to touch a charger that uses Qi v.1.2 technology. This opens the doors for things like desks with chargers embedded into the tabletop instead of resting on top of […]