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Verizon’s new Yahoo Mobile wireless plans offer “unlimited” data for $40 per month

It’s been a long time since Yahoo was one of the top internet properties. But Verizon, which acquired the company a few years back, is slapping the Yahoo name on a new wireless service plan for some reason. Yahoo Mobile actually looks pretty good on paper. Pay $40 per month and get unlimited talk, text, and […]

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T-Mobile and Sprint merger moves closer after federal judge rules in favor

The four largest wireless carriers in the United States could become three soon. Nearly two years ago T-Mobile announced plans to acquire Sprint, and the merger was approved by the FCC in 2019. But a group of attorneys general from 13 states and Washington DC filed a lawsuit challenging the deal. Today a federal judge […]

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MVNO shuffle: Red Pocket Mobile acquires FreedomPop, former owner wants to buy Boost Mobile

Over the last few weeks there’s been a bit of a shakeup in the US mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) space. With Sprint ant T-Mobile looking to merge, regulators have suggested Sprint get rid of its pre-paid subsidiary, Boost Mobile. A company called STS is interested in buying Boost… but before doing that, the company […]

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(Updated) Report: Trump administration considers building a national 5G network (but Trump’s FCC chair isn’t a fan)

US wireless carriers have already started working to build 5G networks which will deliver high-speed mobile broadband to devices including phones, automobiles, and millions of other “Internet of Things” devices in the coming years. But it looks like they’re not the only ones thinking about building out a nationwide 5G network. According to a report […]

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Sprint giving away a year of (almost) free service if you bring your own phone

The major US wireless carriers have been competing for customers in interesting ways over the past few years. Unlimited data plans are a thing again. Networks keep speeding up their networks and expanding their coverage maps. And price wars and bonus perks are commonplace. Now Sprint is trying something pretty extraordinary: the company is giving […]

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Report: Apple could launch a wireless network

Apple may be planning to become a wireless carrier. Business Insider reports that Apple is working on a deal that could result in the company becoming an MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) in the US and Europe. That means Apple wouldn’t actually build or maintain any wireless towers. Instead, the company would use infrastructure provided by […]

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Google plans to launch a limited wireless network in the US

Google will launch a US wireless network within the next few months. Rumors of a Google network have been making the rounds for a while, and Google’s Sundar Pichai confirmed (some of) those reports in remarks made following his keynote speech at Mobile World Congress. Does this mean we should expect Google to offer super-fast […]

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Google, Dish might launch a data-only wireless network in 2013

Google is already dipping its toe in the home internet service through the Google Fiber pilot in Kansas City. Now it looks like Google could be preparing to partner with Dish Network to launch a wireless network. According to The Wall Street Journal, talks are still in the early phases, and Dish is talking to […]