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Fairphone to expand its audio ambitions with Fairbuds XL over-ear headphones

Dutch social enterprise Fairphone is best known for making repairable phones that receive long-term support and which are made at least partially from ethically-sourced materials. But a few years ago the company also branched out into accessories with the introduction of the a set of true wireless earbuds that sell for €100 (about $109). Now […]

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Apple AirPods Max are $549 noise-cancelling headphones

Apple has earned a reputation over the years for offering high-quality hardware that comes at a high price tag. But the truth is some of the company’s latest phones, laptops, and desktops have starting prices that are pretty competitive (even if you have to pay a pretty penny for upgraded specs). But Apple’s new wireless, […]

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JBL’s solar-powered Reflect Eternal wireless headphones may never need to be plugged in (crowdfunding)

One of the nice things about old-school wired headphones is that they don’t have batteries that need charging. Wireless headphones, on the other hand (or head, I guess), have a nasty habit of not working at all once they run out of juice — which can be annoying if you’re out and about and don’t […]

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Qualcomm QCC5100 chip for wireless headphones to bring better battery life, performance

Qualcomm is introducing a new system-on-a-chip designed for wireless headphones that the company says offers twice the processing power of its predecessor while using less energy. The end result is that the devices using the Qualcomm Low Power Bluetooth SoC QCC5100 should offer longer battery life and better performance. It also adds supports for new […]

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Apple AirPod replacements cost $69 (per ear)

Apple’s AirPods are a set of completely wireless earbuds: place one in each ear, connect to your phone via Bluetooth and start listening to music (or podcasts, or whatever). But since there’s no cable connecting on AirPod earbud to the other, a lot of folks have wondered what happens if one falls out of your […]

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$10 strap makes Apple’s AirPods wireless earbuds a little harder to lose (and a little less wireless)

Apple’s AirPods are a $159 set of wireless Bluetooth earbuds designed for use with Apple products (although they can also be used with any device that supports Bluetooth audio). While Bluetooth headphones are nothing new, the AirPods are one of a handful of “truly wireless” earbud products that don’t have any wires at all. There’s not […]