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Intel announces Wireless Display improvements, $40 WiDi adapter

Intel WiDi is a wireless display technology that lets you beam content from recent Intel-powered devices to a TV or monitor without an HDMI cable. WiDi has been available for a few years, but with the launch of Intel’s 5th-gen Core and Intel Core M processors, the chip maker is unveiling WiDi v5.1 for Windows […]

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Medion Life ZoomBox is a 35€ media box for your TV (in Europe)

German electronics company Medion is now offering an inexpensive box that lets you stream content from your phone or table to a TV. It’s called the Medion Life ZoomBox P89230, and it’s available in France or Germany for 35 Euros, which is about $44 US. While it’s tempting to think of the ZoomBox as a […]

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Microsoft Surface wireless display dongle might be in the works

Microsoft might be preparing to launch a wireless display dongle. Plug it into your TV’s HDMI port and you can stream content from your tablet, laptop, or phone to the big screen. It’d be sort of like Google’s Chromecast… but probably more limited in scope different (see comments below for discussion on this point). Windows […]

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Lilbits (8-12-2013): The uncertain future of BlackBerry

There was a time when BlackBerry devices dominated the smartphone space. But the past few years have been tough for the company, with growing competition from Apple’s iPhone and an army of Android devices. BlackBerry’s brief foray into the tablet space wasn’t exactly a home run either. So what’s a struggling company to do? In […]