Dell joins Alliance for Wireless Power: Wirelessly charge your laptop?

You can already recharge the batteries on a number of smartphones and a handful of tablets without plugging in a charging cable. Soon you may be able to use wireless charging with laptops as well. Dell has joined the Alliance for Wireless Power, making it the first major PC maker to throw its weight behind […]

Next-gen wireless chargers could charge your device through a table or desk

Wireless charging has been around for a few years at this point, but it’s still a relatively new technology. Sure, you can buy a wireless charger for your Nexus 4 smartphone, but you have to place the phone directly on the charger in order for it to do anything. Eventually you may just have to […]

Closer look at Fulton’s 2-way wireless charging (Charge your phone with your tablet)

Fulton Innovation is showing off a system that lets you charge your smartphone by placing it on the back of your tablet — or vice versa. It’s basically a variation on the Qi technology that lets you charge your phone by placing it on a wireless charging mat. But in this case, the tablet acts […]

Wirelessly charging a smartphone – by placing it on a tablet

Charging your phone or tablet by placing it on a wireless charging mat is so old school. Fulton Innovation is developing technology that lets you use your tablet’s battery to charge your smartphone. Just place the two devices back to back and if you’ve got a full charge on your tablet you can use it […]

Nexus 7 modified to work with Palm TouchStone inductive charger

Google’s new Nexus 4 supports wireless charging — but what about the Nexus 7 tablet that came out earlier this year? Out of the box the only way to charge the tablet is the old-fashioned way: plug in a cable. But that’s boring. Rod Whitby from the webOS Internals team decided to crack open the […]

Wireless charging: Recharge a phone by placing it near an ultrabook

In case you hadn’t noticed, Intel has a lot of big plans for future ultrabooks. The company wants to see thin and light laptops thinner batteries, high resolution displays, and cheaper cases, among other things. But Intel isn’t just focused on making ultrabooks smaller and cheaper. The company is also looking at adding features such […]