Qi Wireless chargers to support faster charging

Wireless chargers may be convenient, but they’re not super-fast. It usually takes a little longer to fully charge the battery in your phone or tablet when you place it on a wireless charging pad than it does when you actually plug in a power cable. But that could change now that the Wireless Power Consortium […]

Intel wants to bring wireless charging to hotels, restaurants, cars

Wireless charging technology lets you recharge the battery in your smartphone, laptop, or other gadgets without plugging in a cable. This can make charging your phone as simple as placing it on a table (or charging pad) when you’re not using it. Right now there are a few different competing standards for wireless charging: the […]

Motorola Moto 360 photos leaked, confirm wireless charging and more

The Motorola Moto 360 smartwatch is expected to be the first Android Wear watch with a round face when it launches in the coming months. But that’s not the only thing that will make this watch stand out from competitors including the LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live. Motorola hasn’t yet announced the official […]

New Qi wireless charging tech means your phone doesn’t have to touch the charger

The Wireless Power Consortium is adding support for resonant charging to its wireless charging technology. That means that your phone, tablet, or other device doesn’t actually have to touch a charger that uses Qi v.1.2 technology. This opens the doors for things like desks with chargers embedded into the tabletop instead of resting on top of […]

Motorola Moto 360 smartwatch wireless charger hits the FCC

Wondering if the Motorola Moto 360 smartwatch will have support for wireless charging? Signs point to yes… and by signs, I mean a new listing at the FCC website. Blogger Dave Zatz pointed me toward a  listing for a Smart Watch Wireless Charger from Motorola Mobility today. There aren’t many details in the listing, but the charger […]

Wireless charging coming to laptops as Rezence cranks it up to 50 watts

There are plenty of phones that support wireless charging, and a growing number of tablets have the feature as well. Soon you could be able to charge your notebook without wires as well. The Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) has announced that its Rezence system now features support for up to 50 watts of wireless  charging […]

Broadcom unveils wireless charging chip that supports competing standards

A growing number of smartphones and tablets ship with support for wireless charging. Instead of plugging in a cable to charge your battery, you can just place the device on or near a wireless charging pad or stand. But if you buy a new device there’s a chance it won’t work with your existing charger… because […]

Asus launches official Nexus 7 (2013) docks for wired, wireless charging

Asus manufactures the Nexus 7 (2013) tablet for Google, and now the company is launching two official docks for the 7 inch Android tablet. There’s a $50 charging stand and a Asus PW100 wireless charging stand that sells for $90. The cheaper model is a stand that lets you position the tablet in landscape mode […]