Google Pixel 3 XL design, photo samples, wireless charging leaked (allegedly)

Rumor has it that Google will unveil its next set of Pixel smartphones, along with other hardware (maybe a new Pixelbook or Google Home device?) on October 4th. But the company seems to be having a hard time keeping at least one device under wraps. We’ve already seen some renders and real-world pictures of what’s […]

Report: Samsung’s dual-device wireless charger may beat Apple’s to market

Last year Apple unveiled a wireless charging pad capable of charging both an iPhone and Apple Watch at the same time, but the company has yet to bring its AirPower device to market. Recent reports indicate it could finally hit the streets in September. But Apple isn’t the only company working on a dual-device wireless […]

Bloomberg: Apple hopes to launch AirPower wireless charger by September

The iPhone X is Apple’s first smartphone to support wireless charging… but Apple doesn’t make a wireless charger for it yet, so the company has been selling third-party chargers since the iPhone X launched last year. When the company unveiled the phone last September, Apple also noted that it was working on a new wireless […]

Powercast brings wireless charging-at-a-distance to CES

Powercast is showing off its wireless charging technology at the Consumer Electronics Show, and unlike Qi and Powermat wireless charging systems, Powercast says it can charge some devices that are as much as 80 feet away from a charger. At that distance, the company says its currently technology is only good for very low-power devices […]

Powermat jumps on the Qi wireless charging bandwagon

VHS vs Betamax. Blu-ray vs HD-DVD. TiVo vs ReplayTV. As is often the case, when a new technology arises, there are often competing standards at first. But the market can’t always support two standards, because customers want to just be able to buy a product and know that it’ll work with all their existing accessories […]

The first WattUp wireless charging enabled products are coming soon

Energous has been showing off its WattUp wireless charging technology for a few years, promising to deliver systems that would allow you to charge low-power gadgets placed a small distance away from a receiver at first, and eventually from several feet away. Now the company has announced that the first WattUp-enabled product is available for […]

Azpen’s new wireless charging docks are also Alexa smart speakers

If you’re not a fan of single-purpose devices that do silly things like, say, charge your phone, Azpen’s got you covered. The company’s new DockAll Pro line of wireless charging docks for smartphones and tablets are also smart speakers, so you can listen to music, set reminders, or get answers to question while charging your […]

Powercast promises wireless charging from up to 80 feet away (for small gadgets)

Energous isn’t the only company planning to show off wireless charging at a distance at the Consumer Electronics Show in January. Powercast has announced it’s just received FCC certification for a new long-range charger that delivers power via radio frequency from up to 80 feet away. The only catch is that the 3-watt PowerSpot transmitter […]

Pi wireless charging system works from up to a foot away (but phones need a special charging case)

Apple may have just launched the first iPhones to support wireless charging, but some other phone makers have been offering wireless charging features for years. Most existing solutions require you to place your phone on a charging pad or dock though… so while it’s true that you don’t need to plug anything into your phone […]

Dell launches 12 inch Latitude 7285 tablet with wireless charging

After making its debut at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, Dell’s Latitude 7285 2-in-1 tablet is now available. As expected, it’s the company’s first 12 inch Windows tablet with optional support for wireless charging. Here’s how it works: the tablet supports a detachable keyboard, and you can opt for either a standard “productivity keyboard” […]