Lenovo brings wireless charging to laptops with a $140 conversion kit coming this fall

Wireless charging has become a common feature for smartphones, earbuds, and other gadgets in recent years. But laptops? You usually have to plug them in to charge their batteries. Lenovo’s new USB-C Wireless Charging Kit could change that. Sort of. The company isn’t building wireless charging capabilities into its laptops, but the $140 kit coming […]

Wireless charging at a distance could be coming to Xiaomi, Motorola devices

Wireless charging has become common in recent years, giving you the option of placing your phone, smartwatch, or other small gadgets on a charging pad or stand without the need to connect any wires. But for years a handful of companies have been developing technology that would allow wireless charging at a distance – no […]

Lilbits: Single board PCs, under-display cameras, and YouTube angers… everyone

It’s been a few years since Asus launched its first Raspberry Pi-like single-board computer aimed at makers, and the Asus Tinker Board platform hasn’t exactly exploded since then. But the company has made a few updates to the series over the years, with a Tinker Board S, Tinker Board R and Tinker Edge T, and […]

NFC specification adds support for wireless charging

NFC allows two devices to communicate wirelessly over a very short distance. While Near Field Communication technology has a variety of uses, it’s probably best known for the way its used in smartphones. For example, NFC allows you to quickly pair wireless headphones or speakers with some phones. And when you use Apple Pay or […]

Lilbits 393: The priciest webcam

Webcams are in short supply these days thanks the coronavirus pandemic. But you may already have a perfectly good camera that you can use for your next Zoom meeting or Facebook Messenger call. There are apps that will let you use an iPhone or Android device as a webcam for your computer. And some DSLR […]

Report: Windows 10X coming soon for dual-screen devices, Microsoft’s ARM-based tablet to be called Surface Campus

Hot on the heels of a series of leaks giving us a first look at Microsoft’s upcoming Surface 7, Surface Laptop, and ARM-based Surface tablet, more details about Microsoft’s fall 2019 hardware (and software) lineup are making the rounds. First up, Evan Blass reports that the ARM-based tablet will be called the Surface Campus, suggesting […]

Energous launches WattUp Hearables dev kit for wireless earbud charging

Wireless charging has really started to take off in the last few years, with a growing number of smartphones, wireless earbuds, smartwatches, and other gadget supporting the Qi wireless charging standard. Bu Qi isn’t the only game in town. For the past few years Energous has been promising a truly wireless charging system that doesn’t […]

Oppo unveils 65 watt SuperVOOC 2.0 fast-charging tech

Chinese phone maker Oppo is introducing three new fast charging technologies it plans to use in upcoming smartphones. VOOC Flash Charge 4.0 supports 30 watt fast charging. 30W Wireless VOOC Flash Charge is a pretty self-explanatory term. And then there’s 65W SuperVOOC Fast Charge 2.0, which is the company’s fastest wired charging technology to date. Oppo […]

Apple cancels long-delayed AirPower multi-device wireless charger

Apple’s first smartphone to support wireless charging launched in 2017, and at the time Apple also unveiled a wireless charging pad called AirPower. While most wireless chargers can only charge a single device at a time, AirPower was supposed to let you charge an iPhone, an Apple Watch, and a set of Apple AirPods all […]

EnergySquare introduces universal wireless charger for laptops

French startup EnergySquare develops wireless charging gear. A few years ago the company raised over 94,000 Euros in a crowdfunding campaign to bring a charging system to market that allows you to connect a small strip to phones and tablets enabling them to charge when they’re placed on a pad. Now the company wants to […]