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Sprint (temporarily) removes biggest pain point for always-connected PCs with free data

Microsoft and its PC-making partners really want “Always Connected PCs” to be a thing. That’s the label Microsoft applies to Windows 10 computers with built-in support for 4G LTE and the ability to receive data even when the system is sleeping. In other words, they’re PCs with smartphone-like features including the ability to receive email […]

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“Unlimited” has become a meaningless word (for wireless carriers anyway)

Every major wireless carrier in the US is offering an “unlimited” data plan again. But each of them has a different definition of what “unlimited” means… and none of those definitions really seems to be “without limits.” For example, if you sign up for Sprint’s unlimited plan, you get to use up to 23GB of […]

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AT&T waves goodbye to smartphone subsidies, 2-year contracts in 2016

AT&T is set to be the next US wireless carrier to do away with 2-year smartphone contracts and subsidized prices for phones. Starting January 8th, if you want to buy a smartphone from AT&T you’ll pay full price for it, either by paying for the phone up front or by paying for your phone with a […]

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Verizon’s new simplified wireless plans are still kind of complicated

Verizon Wireless is overhauling its prices for wireless service. The company says the new plans are simpler… but that doesn’t mean they’re actually simple. The good news is that there are fewer choices to make. The less good news is that you won’t necessarily save any money with the new plans which take effect starting August […]

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Major US carriers let you unlock your phones, don’t always make it easy

There’s good news and bad news for folks in the US looking to unlock their smartphones so they can be used with a different wireless carrier. The good news is that earlier this month all the major US wireless carriers (and a few less well-known operators) started allowing customers to unlock their phones, in accordance […]

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Use your old Sprint phone with FreedomPop’s free phone service

FreedomPop is expanding the freemium smartphone service it launched in October, by letting customers supply their own phones. The company provides 200 minutes of voice calling, 500 text messages, and 500MB of data for free — but up until now you’ve needed to buy a phone from FreedomPop to use the service. Now you can […]

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Republic Wireless exits beta, launches $19/month unlimited wireless network

Republic Wireless is an unusual phone company which offers unlimited talk, text, and data for just $19 per month. What’s the catch? Well, despite what it says on the website, there are a few. First, you get a choice of exactly one phone at the moment: A $249 Motorola DEFY XT. Second, the phone is […]