Wireless Samsung DeX mode may be on the way (use your phone like a desktop)

Samsung’s DeX software allows you to connect certain recent Samsung phones and tablets to an external display and use them like desktop computers. Soon you may be able to that without the need to run a cable from your phone. Xda-developers discovered clues pointing to wireless DeX mode in the Samsung Tips app. The “tip” […]

Verizon’s first 5G MiFi mobile hotspot costs $650 (data not included)

The first 5G wireless networks are starting to come online, and the first 5G-capable smartphones are starting to hit the market. Now Verizon is also launching its first 5G mobile hotspot which you can use to connect a laptop, tablet, or other devices to Verizon’s high-speed cellular network. It comes at a cost though — […]

WPA3 WiFi security standard is here… but you might not see it for a while

As promised, the Wi-Fi Alliance is rolling out the biggest updated to WiFi security in more than a decade. The group has finalized the specification for the new WPA3 security standard, and it will begin certifying hardware. The move should offer improved security for devices that communicate over a WiFi connection (like when your phone […]

Bluetooth 5 launches with longer range, faster speeds

Bluetooth has long been the go-to wireless spec for connecting gadgets over short ranges. It’s what you use to connect a smartwatch, fitness tracker, speaker, or wireless headphones to a smartphone. It can connect a mouse or keyboard to a laptop or tablet. But the folks behind the Bluetooth specification are eyeing the smart home […]

HTC Vive goes wire-free with $220 TPCast add-on

Just a day after MSI started selling the first VR-ready gaming PC in a backpack, HTC has unveiled a device that could make the whole idea of a gaming backpack unnecessary. Here’s the thing: high-end virtual reality headsets like the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift currently need to have a wired connection to a PC […]

FCC settlement means TP-Link routers might support third-party firmware after all

Remember how TP-Link decided that the simplest way to comply with FCC’s new rules for wireless routers was to make it difficult for users to load third-party firmware on the company’s products? Yeah, it looks like the company has agreed to “work with the open-source community and Wi-Fi chipset manufacturers to enable third-party firmware.” So […]

Qualcomm introduces Snapdragon Wear 1100 chip for wearables

There are an awful lot of smartwatches using Qualcomm’s processors, but most of them are using the Snapdragon 400 family of chips that were originally designed for phones. Earlier this year Qualcomm introduced a new chip designed specifically for wearables, called the Snapdragon Wear 2100. And now the company is adding a Snapdragon Wear 1100 […]

Coming soon: Flash custom Android ROMs over WiFi?

Want to flash a custom ROM on your phone or perform other actions using the fastboot tool? Then you’ll need to plug your phone into a computer with a USB cable… for now. But Android Police notes that there’s plenty of evidence that Google will add support for using fastboot over a wireless connection soon. […]

Bluetooth to get faster, longer range in 2016

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) is outlining some of its plans for the coming year and, among other things, it looks like next-gen Bluetooth hardware should support higher data transfer speeds and wireless connections across longer distances. Mesh networking is also on the table, allowing Bluetooth devices to connect to a network by connecting […]