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Install Microsoft Store apps from the command line with Windows Package Manager 1.1

Windows Package Manager is a utility that lets you install Windows applications from a command prompt, much the way you can with most Linux distributions. 

Up until recently though, you could only install applications that were listed in Microsoft’s Windows Package Manager Community Repository. But starting with Windows Package Manager version 1.0, Microsoft added support for third-party app repositories. And starting with version 1.1, you can also install apps from the Microsoft Store. 

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Lilbits: HTC’s affordable VR headset, another way to install Windows 11, and even more Pixel 6 leaks

Just when you thought there was nothing left to leak, even more Google Pixel 6 information is making the rounds: Google may launch “Pixel Pass” along with the phone, giving customers a chance to bundle their monthly phone payments with other Google services including YouTube Premium, Google One Storage, and Google Play Pass. An extended […]

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Start11 fixes the Windows 11 Start Menu and Taskbar (for folks who think they’re broken)

The Start Menu and Taskbar are probably two of the most recognizable features of Windows. But with the launch of Windows 11, Microsoft has given major overhauls to each. Prefer the way they used to look and function? Microsoft offers limited customization for the Windows 11 Start Menu and Taskbar, but third-party software can help. […]

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How to install Windows 11 (if it’s not available from Windows Update yet)

Windows 11 is now available, which means that new PCs powered by the latest version of Microsoft’s desktop operating system have begun to ship and Microsoft has started pushing the update to eligible PCs through Windows Update. But the company is doing a phased rollout, which means that some users may not see an upgrade […]

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Windows 11 is now available (on some devices)

When Microsoft first launched Windows 10 in 2015 the company said it would be the “last version of Windows,” since the goal was to continually push out incremental updates rather than revolutionary new version of the operating system. Today Microsoft has released Windows 11. There’s no word on whether this will be the last version of […]

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Microsoft is putting app stores in its app store (starting with Epic Games Store and Amazon Appstore)

The Microsoft Store first debuted with Windows 8, giving Microsoft’s desktop operating system an official app store for the first time. But many of the most popular Windows apps haven’t been available in that store for a variety of reasons. With Windows 11 set to debut on October 5th, Microsoft is launching a brand new […]

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Waydroid could bring Android apps to Windows before Microsoft does

Waydroid is an open source tool that installs an Android image in a container on Linux devices in order to let you run Android apps on Linux phones or PCs. But you know what else runs Linux these days? Windows PCs, thanks to Microsoft’s Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). So Waydroid developer Erfan Abdi took […]

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Microsoft’s PC Health Check app is back (see if your PC can run Windows 11)

This summer Microsoft released a PC Health Check app that was supposed to make it easy for you to see if your computer was compatible with Windows 11. But at the time the app wasn’t very accurate or informative, so Microsoft removed the download link. Now it’s back, and it actually seems to tell you […]

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Windows 11 begins rolling out October 5 (but some eligible PCs might not get it until mid-2022)

The next major version of Windows brings an updated design, a new Start Menu, support for widgets, a new Microsoft Store, integration with Windows Teams, and a bunch of other changes. And it will begin rolling out on October 5th. That’s when Microsoft will start offering Windows 11 as a free upgrade for eligible computers. […]

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Windows 11 will run on some PCs with 7th-gen Intel Core chips after all (but only some)

Windows 11 is set to launch this fall, and the new operating system brings an updated user interface as well as new features for multitasking, support for running Android applications, and a number of security and performance improvements. But Microsoft is also increasing the minimum system requirements – not all computers that can run Windows […]

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Lilbits: Epic v Google, Unisoc v the world, and Inking on the web

Epic Games filed lawsuits against Apple and Google last year, claiming their anti-competitive practices prevented companies like Epic from offering their own in-app stores or payment systems, among other things. Now new details are emerging as part of that lawsuit that shines more light on some of Google’s alleged steps to try to crush competition. […]

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Windows XP turns 20 (and some people are still running it today)

Microsoft is gearing up to release Windows 11 this fall, and it will bring the biggest changes to the company’s desktop operating system since Windows 10 was released in 2015. But thanks to new minimum system requirements, not all computers on the market will support the free upgrade, which could make Windows 10 the new […]