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Windows 8.1 is ready to go, won’t launch until October 17th

Microsoft has put the finishing touches on Windows 8.1, and the software’s ready to hit the streets. But it won’t actually do that for another month and a half. What Microsoft is doing right now is releasing Windows 8.1 to its hardware partners, which means that on October 18th you’ll be able to buy a […]

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Windows 8.1 launches October 17th, 2013

Microsoft will release Windows 8.1 starting October 17th. It’s a free update for Windows 8.1 users, and you’ll be able to download and install it through the Windows Store utility. Starting October 18th, Windows 8.1 will also be available for purchase at retail stores, and it’ll come pre-loaded on new PCs. Interestingly, October 17th is […]

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Windows launches 8.1 Preview as a free download

Microsoft has released a preview version of Windows 8.1. It’s available as a free update from the Windows Store, and Microsoft will also offer a free downloadable ISO if you want to install the software on a computer that’s not already running Windows 8. Download information is available at the Windows site, and while you […]

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Microsoft provides an early peek at Windows 8.1

Windows 8 might represent the biggest change in Microsoft’s flagship operating system since the jump from Windows 3.1 to Windows 95. While the desktop view looks a lot like earlier versions of Windows, Microsoft added a full-screen, touch-friendly Start Screen and support for a whole new class of full-screen apps. The idea was to treat […]

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Ekoore Python S3 convertible tablet triple-boots Windows 8, Android, Ubuntu

Can’t decide if you want a tablet or a notebook? No problem. There are plenty of hybrids that you can use either way. But what if you also can’t decide if you want a model that runs Windows, Android, or Linux? It turns out there’s at least one hybrid tablet designed to run all three. […]

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Microsoft expects smaller Windows touchscreen devices “in the coming months”

Windows 8 is designed at least as much for tablets as it is for desktop and laptop computers, and Microsoft has been playing up the touch-friendly features of the operating system. But so far you haven’t been able to get a Windows 8 or Windows RT touchscreen device with a display smaller than 10 inches. […]

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Windows XP extended support ends next year, Microsoft really wants you to upgrade

According to NetMarketShare, nearly 40 percent of all desktop computers are running Windows XP… an operating system that was first released 12 years ago. That’s despite the fact that Microsoft has released three major OS updates since then, and despite the fact that Microsoft ended mainstream support for Windows XP in 2009. Now the clock […]

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Microsoft Windows 8 logo changes could pave way for smaller tablets

Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system can run on a wide range of devices with different processors, screen sizes, and display resolutions. But in order to meet Microsoft’s Windows 8 Certification requirements (which lets you slap a Windows 8 logo on your device), you need to meet certain criteria. Until recently one of those criteria was […]