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Windows XP turns 20 (and some people are still running it today)

Microsoft is gearing up to release Windows 11 this fall, and it will bring the biggest changes to the company’s desktop operating system since Windows 10 was released in 2015. But thanks to new minimum system requirements, not all computers on the market will support the free upgrade, which could make Windows 10 the new […]

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Apple pulls iTunes Store support for 1st-gen Apple TV, Windows XP and Vista

The original Apple TV was released a little over 11 years ago. And if you’re still hanging onto one, it’s about to get a lot less useful. Apple has announced that the iTunes Store will no longer work with 1st-gen Apple TV devices starting May 25th. The company is also pulling the plug on iTunes […]

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Wannacrypt ransomware halted (for now), Microsoft patches Windows XP and up

On Friday a ransomware attack hit tens of thousands of computers around the world before it was (at least temporarily) stopped by a security researcher who found and activated a killswitch. But it’s possible the developer of the malware could tweak the code and try again, so the best protection is to make sure your computer’s […]

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Google Chrome will end support for Windows XP, Vista, and OS X 10.8 in 2016

Microsoft ended support for Windows XP last year, but it’s still installed on a lot of computers. Sure, Internet Explorer and other Microsoft apps aren’t getting software updates anymore, but there’s always Google Chrome, right? Not for long. Google has announced it’s pulling the plug on support for Windows XP, Windows Vista, and OS X […]

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Microsoft: $100 off a new PC when you upgrade from Windows XP

Microsoft is ending support for Windows XP and the company’s been strongly encouraging folks to upgrade to a version of Windows that’s not more than a decade old. The latest tool in Microsoft’s arsenal? If you buy select new PCs from the Microsoft Store and trade in your old Windows XP machine, Microsoft will shave […]

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Microsoft unveils free Windows XP migration tool in advance of April 8th support shutdown

Well over a decade after introducing Windows XP, Microsoft is officially ending support for the aging operating system on April 8th. That’s despite the fact that as many as 30 percent of computer users may still be running Windows XP. So Microsoft is outlining steps it’ll take to remind people to upgrade their software, as […]

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Windows XP extended support ends next year, Microsoft really wants you to upgrade

According to NetMarketShare, nearly 40 percent of all desktop computers are running Windows XP… an operating system that was first released 12 years ago. That’s despite the fact that Microsoft has released three major OS updates since then, and despite the fact that Microsoft ended mainstream support for Windows XP in 2009. Now the clock […]