Now you can install Windows RT on recent Lumia phones (if you dare)

It’s been a few weeks since a new build of Windows Phone Internals made it possible to unlock the bootloader for most Lumia smartphones, and ever since the tool was released, developers have been finding ways to do crazy things like cram a desktop/tablet version of Windows onto phone-sized devices. Developer Ben Wang has made a […]

Microsoft’s canceled Surface Mini: Pen-enabled tablet that’s not supposed to replace a laptop

Microsoft has long positioned its Surface tablets as laptop alternatives. But it looks like the company was poised to offer something very different in 2014. We already knew that Microsoft had planned to launch an 8 inch tablet called the Surface Mini, only to cancel launch plans at the last minute. And we had a […]

Will Microsoft’s next attempt to take on cheap Chromebooks fare any better than its last?

Microsoft is holding an event in New York City on May 2nd, where the company is expected to unveil new software, and maybe some new hardware. ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley, who tracks these things closely, thinks there’s a good chance the May 2nd event will be the official coming out part for Windows Cloud, a […]

Microsoft’s Windows RT security patch also stops you from loading Linux

It was big news when Microsoft announced it was working on a version of Windows that would run on tablets with ARM-based processors… but by the time Windows RT actually launched it was a lot less exciting. Devices like the Microsoft Surface and Surface 2 couldn’t run desktop Windows apps and weren’t significantly cheaper than […]

Unofficial Windows 10 Mobile for Surface RT (is a work in progress)

When Microsoft launched Windows 8, the company also released a version of the operating system designed to run on devices with ARM-based processors. Windows RT debuted on the Microsoft RT tablet, but it wasn’t widely adopted by other computer makers and after launching the Surface 2 tablet with Windows RT software, Microsoft has pretty much […]

Windows RT update coming in Sept: New lock screen, Start Menu

Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system is now available for desktops, notebooks, and large tablets. Later this year it’s coming to Xbox One game consoles and Windows Phone handsets. But what about tablets with ARM-based processors that originally shipped with Windows RT? Nope. Microsoft has no plans to release Windows 10 as an update for Windows RT […]

Report: Windows RT will get new Start Menu this fall, not much more

Microsoft plans to launch an update for Windows RT this fall which the company has said will bring some Windows 10 features to devices like the original Surface and Surface 2 tablets. But don’t expect all that many Windows 10 features. WinBeta reports that Windows RT 8.1 Update 3 will bring a Windows 10-style start menu, […]

Windows 8.1 RT Update 3 coming in September (it’s not quite Windows 10)

Microsoft launches Windows 10 for PCs on July 29th. Later this year the company will roll out Windows 10 for smartphones, Xbox consoles, and other devices. But what about tablets that originally shipped with Windows RT? When do they get Windows 10. Never. But they will be getting an update that has some Windows 10 features. […]